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    Works in 5.0.0 if animCollapse:false.
  2. You should not use compass directly, because framework scsses themselves are meaningless for compass. CMD performs some routines before invoking it. Mainly - generation of theme-all.scss, that...
  3. Line 1033 is for CMD build 116. For 160 it is 1034.
  4. During upgrade to ExtJS 5 (and Sencha CMD I've found microloader loading only classes, that app 'requires' either explicitly or implicitly. However, classes the app 'uses' are not loaded,...
  5. I would like to turn your attention to the fact, that the problem is not in sorting in the store, but in different order of records in store and view. In the above example, store has...
  6. Store's insert method disagrees. How does it work currently: if I add one record, it is addSorted. If several - store inserts all of them and then sorts. In the latter scenario view inserts nodes to...
  7. 3oa

    Ext version tested:
    Ext 4.1.1 Ext 4.2.1

    Browser versions tested against: doesn't matter

    DOCTYPE tested against: doesn't matter
  8. Also affects Ext 4.2.1 and Safari 6.1.1 on Mountain Lion.
  9. Yes, this is limitation of buffered store.
    Either you are saving phantom record or for some reason you server returns record with new id. Buffered store doesn't know whole data set, so it cannot...
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    From my experience, it is possible to create quite generalized service, that will serve all entities in same way. E.g. look at OData definition.
    A bit of a code in proxy constructor to change the...
  11. Ext version tested:
    Ext 4.2.1

    Browser versions tested against:
    Not applicable.

    DOCTYPE tested against:
    Not applicable.
  12. Well, you may be located in GMT-7, but your computer is definitely in GMT-6. Either you have selected a wrong TZ or DST option or system's TZ data is outdated. JavaScript will always work in client...
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    No need to tell - the most time I've spent on this too. :) In the worst moment I even thought to drop all the components and use dataview for the list only...

    Besides that, my aim is to show the...
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    Thank you, skirtle.
    I've made some changes you've proposed and added comments to clarify other moments.

    Unfortunately, the only 'native to Ext' way of 'dynamic filtering' is complete filter...
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    Thank you, jcdang.
    I found all tips quite useful, especially 'active'/'completed' related ones. I didn't test enough after upgrading to 4.2 and unfortunately whole 'dynamic filtering' went wrong....
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    I've created a TodoMVC example with ExtJS three months back, but it is still not approved. As you can see there, project maintainers need a review from an excathedral developer.
    So, I'm...
  17. Take a look on MyApp.model.Course.prototype in a dev tool. I believe you'll find two quite interesting methods there. ;)
    If you want to change their names try 'getterName'&'setterName' in...
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    I advise against dynamically created components - such approach puts too much of load on a browser.
    Why just don't use a floating treepanel with only one column?

    About switching: you always...
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    Once I had implemented such functionality in a quite crazy way. Actually everything was on ONE page: login and the app itself.
    On start a specific controller asked server, if user has a session...
  20. You need to append almost invisible button to the end of viewport element and listen to it's focus event.
    Once the button gets focus - focus the first focusable element you have.
  21. Actually that's a job neither for jquery, nor extjs. It's an html5 api.
  22. You should better extend 'Ext.dd.DragSource' - it handles any number elements without additional rebinding.
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    The browser may decide to stop events firing if dom structure has changed. Especially, if something dis-/appears under cursor.
  24. You may be interested in validateedit event. (Note, it is fired not only on a plugin, but on a grid too)
  25. You want to move Ext images to a different folder? Then you can just modify build.xml (that's Ant's build file) and add some instructions for replacing text / moving files.
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