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  1. At the beginning when Sencha became a huge company i was afraid of this situation (they eventually forget about single / small developers) , but no mattter what Sencha rules are the rules we have to...
  2. Hi there , i recently had a similar issue with this on version
    how i got the issue :

    I have a border layout (west) a tree panel and TAB PANEL (center)
    on the tree side i load...
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    Hi there, I noticed a bug:
    If you place the editor in a TAB panel (the tab is inside a form) and its not the initial active tab.

    Checking on firebug i got this error :

    Editor.js(line 108)...
  4. So far i encounter the same issue about setValue and the problem is all in : findRecord: function(field, value) {

    Original code:

    findRecord: function(field, value) {
    var ds...
  5. Hi, i was wondering if its possible to use the compiled app as a windows service.

    This need came from a client that wants extjs app but needs to add functionality to be monitoring a folder and...
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    thanks for the tip

    i figure this out some time later when i posted this thread , the documentation does not say nothing about compile it with jsduck so i have to be searching around and find it
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    Any ideas how to make work the documentation on 4.0.5 release many files missing and no clue where to get them

    also if the new api documentation (offline mode) estructure will be available for...
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    Hi, im reporting an issue , when i want to look at VBOX documentation

    the following appears =

    Error: CouchDB Error:...
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    HI luke, its a great work you have on the spreadsheet, KUDOS ..!

    Now about formulas you may need a formula parser check out this links
  10. Hi i was testing designer cause i'm creating a project about 20 modules , now the main view is a
    viewport which has NORTH, CENTER and WEST. On the CENTER region i set a TabPanel which has an...
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    :D Hi Jack, nice to hear from you..!
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    I have found that if i post a quick reply then it goes to moderation aproval and its not published
    i have to go advanced when posting if not i have to wait the moderators approval :(
    can someone...
  13. Hi Zeebee , thanks for reporting this issue , gonna fix this asap , just a question which version you are using 0.0.16 ? cause 0.0.17 didnt well as i expected so im working the next updates on...
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    Hi double_hel1x if you need some web space i can make some room in my site so you can show it as a demo, please pm me if you're interested ;)
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    Hi ya , its version 0.0.17 right ?
    we are fixing these issues, we gonna get them this week ASAP ;)
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    Hi there pludikhu and Everybody. let me tell you the project is still alive...! :D

    its true i cannot match a complete Ext dev team and besides that huge investment capital they have.Also i think...
  17. These topics sounds as a must to have

    1.- Whats new in 4.0
    2.- Migrating from 2x/3x to 4
    3.- Creating Plugins for GRID (are the hardest ones :P)

    Also considering you're already extjs...
  18. HI FFzhuang

    I have spend some time checking the spreadsheet and its cool and works overall excellent but i found some bugs

    1.- if you enter in a cell =sum(a1) it get an error and weir stuff...
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    can you provide an example on how you are developing this in order to get the same issue (with fke data) so i can cchek it out asap this one is kind strange :-? thanks
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    HI patrick ,
    Gonna check this issues on the opera 10.60 version though it's almost rare that someone uses opera with extjs
    but gonna fix that , do yo have some screenshots on the behavior ?
  21. Glad you worked it out..! :D
  22. What comes to my mind as i do this on some cases is

    1.- On before task delete as MessageBox works asynchroneous but i get the data or the elements i need in order to delete the event/task so i...
  23. Hi Fallen Zen ,
    the calendar has no views grid based but shedule view can help you aout according to your post ;) check it out
  24. Hi fallen Zen
    the calendar views are not grid based but do the job nice, also according to your post (link) it fit nice the schedule view the calendar has, give it a test.
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    in order to check the issues can you recreate a small sample of what are you trying to do in order to see any failure or mistake ?
    also some data you are using (but please, correct data, the last...
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