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  1. I came across a similar issue. I have a toolbar with maskOnDisable:false. Calling .disable() and then .enable() on the toolbar leaves the buttons in the toolbar masked.

    I found the problem to be...
  2. Bug still exists. This is very simple to fix, but annoying to work around.
  3. I'd like to second this report. The bug affects webkit Browsers, too. Here is some information in addition to the report already given by which I can fully confirm (including the...
  4. Still a problem in 4.1. rendered is set true in onRender, but as I understand it, onRender is a template method that is meant to be overridden, so it should not set a flag that is part of the...
  5. OK, thanks for the clarification.
  6. evant, thanks for the quick reply.
    The problem is with pre-setting a value for startDay, not setting it on a one-by-one basis. The german locale that the original poster referred to sets...
  7. ExtJS 4.1 - problem still present
  8. Problem
    I am using a grid with a paging toolbar inside a form. This causes the page input item of the paging toolbar. (toolbar.down('#inputItem')) to be added as/considered a form field. This means...
  9. Take any Ext.grid.Panel with multiSelect: true and capture selectionchange. Select a row. Select the same row again. selectionchange is triggered both times, but shouldn't, because in the second case...
  10. evant, thanks for confirming this. Good to know this is not just in my head.
    But why then is this is not getting any attention? I stumbled across this within a few hours when attempting to write my...
  11. no-one interested in this? no-one having similar issues? what does the ext team say about this? I feel combobox should work out of the box with remote stores and foreign keys, but it doesn't. Is...
  12. I know this issue with combobox in remote mode has been raised before (e.g. here). But to my mind it has not gotten the attention it deserves as the very common usecase it is. It's been bugging me...
  13. Another attempt to get attention for this. onRender seems to be a method that is commonly overridden in subclasses and I would rendered to be false while onRender is running.

    Comments please?
  14. Hi ontho,

    thanks for sharing your solution. I like the idea of using two templates and will try it soon. The solution I adopted for the moment is to use a grid instead of a boundlist as the picker...
  15. No, sorry, I never found a satisfying solution to this. I postponed the problem for the moment, since I will still be in development for a few months to come and this only concerns production.
  16. As far as I'm concerned: would be nice if you'd mention me somewhere, other than that do with it whatever you like. So let's say MIT license.
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    I like that idea! How do you get the id of the view instance? In the MVC example supplied with the Ext docs the controller doesn't create the view itself, so how does your controller know what...
  18. Thanks for sharing your approach, hornfrog. Very helpful to me!

    I have been looking into this myself and I think you're right: You cannot get to the actual server response in the callbacks to...
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    From my understanding of MVC, both V and C access M the difference only being that V never manipulates M. V knows how to render itself and it knows what data it needs and it can get that data from M....
  20. @vishalnnsingh: thanks for the feedback. I will fix the emptyText issue in the next few days, I am quite busy right now. I will test with IE, too. I am not sure I understand what you mean if you say...
  21. Just to let you know I had a shot at porting BoxSelect to Ext 4:
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    Just to let you know I had a shot at an implementation of BoxSelect for Ext 4:
  23. There is an implementation for Ext 4, now:
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    Now there is another one which is a little different. See which one suits your needs.
  25. Hi,

    when I discovered this thread by kveeiv, I was already almost through porting BoxSelect to Ext 4 (I decided to base my code on BoxSelect rather than SuperBoxSelect, because I found the code...
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