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  1. Guys, i want to add toolbar with button in Combobox, i use the button to select all record in combobox. In ExtJS 4 it's worked, but in ExtJS 5.0.1 i can't even pressed the button so event is not...
  2. guys, i can't access demo and download page :(
  3. mister slemmon, can you give me, example code about this issue? how can i deliver the first 5K records and how to return the remaining record?
  4. Hello, is it possible to change page in GridPanel with mouse scroll??
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    Yeah i think like that. When my Grid is rendered and have so much column, horizontal scrollbar must automatically show, isn't it?

    ok, i will try to use 4.2.1
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    Ok, I've fixed the code, but scrollbar still doesn't appear, any suggestion??
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    Guys, i have problem in scroll grid panel, autoScroll doesn't worked. Here's the code:

    Ext.define('MyProject.view.MyTab', {
    extend: '',

    id: 'MyTab',
    width: 1355,...
  8. Hi, everyone!

    How can i create tree panel like in Sencha Docs?
    if i selected one node, it created new tab with component inside it or how can i call another file js to new tab, so panel in new...
  9. oh i see, thanks bro! :D
  10. here's my error when i click ParentNode:

    maybe because i calling p.parentNode (node.parentNode.parentNode) is not right. Any suggestion?
  11. jasewell, sorry to bother you again, seems this code give error:

    p.parentNode.set('checked', !!pChildCheckedCount);

    How to fix this? if i delete those code, i just can check subparent node,...
  12. well, thanks jasewell! Actually, the best way is the simpliest way to do what i want :D

    here, the complete code:

    checkchange: function(node, checked, eOpts){
    node.eachChild(function(n) {...
  13. how to check siblings? can you give me full code? treepanel too complicated for me
  14. I have Checked Tree like this:


    1. I want to checked & unchecked all ChildNode if i check & uncheck ParentNode or...
  15. by the way, thanks for your attention :)
  16. well, if you mean by changing theme via combobox, yes background chart is changes. But if i change tab to 3G, background chart 3G is still gray
  17. hello senior, i try tabchange too, but chart attribute not change, it's stay with gray (default theme)
  18. Hello everyone, i have a problem using event in extjs, here's my question:

    I have combobox for changing themes (ext-theme-gray, custom 1, custom 2) and TabPanel with 3 Panel, FusionChart in inside...
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