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  1. Tommy, you may want to check bug 141 to see if it's been corrected as well, this was never marked as a dupe of it.
  2. My safari issues are documented in bug 136, don't know about any other iPhone issues described in this thread.
  3. Use yql as long as the service you are trying to access doesn't block it.

    select * from xml where url=''

    You can also do some pretty neat HTML ripping without having to...
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    I prefer docking a textbox to the top of a list and re-populating the list on keyup. This way the autocomplete is a component layed out on the page like any other. With such little screen real...
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    Add an activate listener to each card, or a cardswitch listener to the container.
  6. Use dataview's itemdoubletap event. Double tap is the native dom event. Itemdoubletap gets the record and item passed to the handler. Currently the documentation lists a second itemtap event instead...
  7. NestedList is currently being re-factored to work off a data store to enable easy list manipulation. It shouldn't be long before it's released, I recommend you wait for it before implementing this...
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    We are currently refactoring the DataPanel to lessen confusion on this matter. For now, when viewing the documentation of List/DataView/DataPanel, ignore anything that is coming from Container. No...
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    To add an item to the list you add a record to the store. So the add listener goes into the store, not the list. There's currently no beforeadd listener for the store, see the events section of the...
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    When you embed a container into another container, the sub container should not have fullscreen set. It's dimensions are maintained by the layout of the parent container. It looks like you want a...
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    {xtype:'button', ui:'mask', iconCls:'compose'}
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    The nestedlist will be modified in an upcoming release to support this functionality. You will be able to give the list a heirarchical store and then update the store to modify the list.

    In the...
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    I did my best to understand what you are looking for. If this isn't it, post a mock up drawing of what exactly you want, and which sections need to stay put when scrolling. Almost any layout you...
  14. .93 windows chrome
    The second two radio buttons are checked on load, checkbox doesn't have the same problem (all checkboxes unchecked on load)

    Ext.setup({ onReady: function () {
  15. .93 windows chrome
    This one's kinda weird. Throws "SYNTAX_ERR: DOM Exception 12" on line 7011 of ext-touch-debug-w-comments.js. Change the value of the radio to 'a' and it works fine...

  16. Just out of curiosity... what's the second bug? I'm assuming the first one is that snapshot is not maintained correctly in loadRecords
  17. Ticket 189 in the bugs forum covers this issue. To stop it from occurring set the store's config option filterOnLoad to false
  18. Load it in latest windows safari and chrome, chrome displays the buttons and inputs fine, safari doesn't display the arrows on the broke buttons and does not display the check or radio. Please...
  19. The below code produces a list with 2,1,3,4. Clicking on 3 alerts 4, clicking on 4 alerts 3 (1 & 2 alert correctly).

    Ext.setup({ onReady: function () {
    var list = new Ext.List({
  20. Also in the description for the insert method, it references a non-existent addSorted method.

    It would be great if the add method could take an array instead of just a parameter list
  21. Here is the public compatible version: || list);

    Hopefully in the NestedList refactor we'll get a method to traverse the levels.
  22. Although the NestedList internally uses a card layout, it has alot of custom logic around it, so messing with it's activeItem is a bad idea. Instead you can fire the back button manually by calling...
  23. Can this be moved to the feature request board and a ticket added? Thanks
  24. Return type in getDockedItems method of Panel documentation shows void, not array

    You guys want me to stop posting documentation bugs? I don't want to overload you with stuff, but I figured...
  25. As can be seen below, after modifying the store by calling loadData, the snapshot is not updated to reflect the latest clean data source, but instead represents the first loaded data source. I'm...
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