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  1. Hello! Attached is a nested JSON object that should work (I tried attaching the actual file, but kept getting a permissions error). Please let me know if you need anything else.

  2. I will try to get this done ASAP. Just got back from vacation. Thanks!
  3. Touch version tested:

    Touch 2.3.1
    Browser versions or Packager version tested against:


    Sencha Native
    Device and OS tested against:
  4. Will do so ASAP. It was actually the hasMany that was problematic. For now, the 5 MB limit of localstorage should suffice.


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    Tried the localstorage proxy and it works just fine. Not an optimal solution, but it is acceptable. Seems to be a bug with ST 2.3.1's sql proxy and filtering/sorting/etc. I will file a bug report for...
  6. The sql proxy is working with hasMany associations, but they are not persisting. HasOne associations are just fine though.

    Please let me know if you need a test case to recreate this issue.
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    Running into a problems where I have two models, Site and Evaluation, such that a Site hasMany
    Evaluations and an Evaluation belongsTo a Site. Am using the sql proxy.

    I am able to get the data...
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    Yeah, I saw that after I posted this. I removed the extraneous one.

    Still: No one has any ideas as to what this issue with this problem could possibly be? (It definitely was not the two layouts)
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    I have a fully functional Sencha Touc 2.1.1 app bundled in Phonegap 2.5. In it, I have several lists that I use to spawn form panels for data entry and other sundry activities.
    An example one is as...
  10. Actually, the solution was to rename the record variable in my queryBy closure (since it was also declared outside of the scope of the closure), and to rerun getValues and getRecord after I did the...
  11. The following should be trivial, but I cannot get it to work:

    I have the following Ext.form.Panel used for displaying, updating and creating records from a store:

  12. That was the issue. Danke Schoen! (I would select your response as an "answer," but I cannot find the option in the thread anywhere.)
  13. I'm noticing strange behavior when using Ext.Ajax.request to POST to a URL.

    I have the following Ext.Ajax.request:

    var url =
    obj = {
  14. Mea culpa: I had added a custom URL to my route onNavTap in the tablet controller, but did not copy this to my phone controller. All is well with this now.

    Next: Figure out why my app keeps...
  15. A little more information: When I click on one of the menu items listed on my Android output, I expect the screen to transition to lists of objects in a data view (geolocation, evaluation and push...
  16. Got my ST 2.1.1 app successfully bundled with Phonegap 2.5.0... works great in a web browser (see first image), but when I deploy it to an Android virtual device, I only get the left hand menu from...
  17. I figured out how to get what I want using Ext.getCmp.
  18. Hi Mitchell,
    I isolated the problem. The list of addresses to which I wish to add geolocation coordinates (and to display them on a map) is rendered in a form panel. When I click on the address of...
  19. Hi Mitchell,
    I tested loading a default value in a textfield in the Kitchensink app form... and it worked! Not sure what is different with my app, especially since I borrowed a lot of components...
  20. I will try the viewport later today and let you know the outcome, but if indeed it uses the same code base to render the form, then I am expecting that it will not work for me.

  21. Hi Mitchell,
    It's not that I don't believe you, since this is the behavior I expected for my form, it is just that it is not working! The only way I can get the default value to show up in the...
  22. Hi Mitchell,
    Yes, I know 'foo' should do the same as sessionStorage.latitude (which, yes, does exist when this gets called). In fact, I have tried setting this to a constant string with the same...
  23. Sencha Touch version tested:

    Touch 2.1.1
    Browser versions tested against:

    Chrome 25
    Safari 5.1.8

    For a form panel, use of the name property does not allow loading of...
  24. What is the status of the SQL proxy in 2.2.0? If it is good to go for all practical purposes, any issues with just dropping the Sql.js file into the 2.1.1 sdk?

    Danke Schoen!
  25. Hi,
    I am using this and it is filtering as expected (well, at least partially).

    I have the following store:

    Ext.define("", {
    extend: '',
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