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  1. In 3.1.0-beta ToggleButtons no longer have centered text if the button also contains an icon. The text needs to be centered on the button not left aligned, and have consistent behavior with and...
  2. What's the status of this? This is a really important feature that was there in 2.x and no good workaround exists in 3.x. Is there a timeline of when this will be added to 3.x? Is it in 3.0.5 by...
  3. I just updated to 3.0.5 and the bug is not fixed. What version did you say this would be in?

  4. Sure. In the examples only File and Foo have items with children. However neither are the first child and that's where the bug is.

    If, in the File case, you move Open File above New...then that...
  5. Okay thanks. In the example you don't happen to put any child menu items in the first menu item so this example wouldn't show this problem.
  6. I have a top level menu bar that has some menus that have MenuItems. When the user hovers the mouse over the menu of the first menuitem it does not show its children until the user moves the mouse...
  7. I was doing some testing using GXT 3.0.2 with IE9 (in compatibility mode) and I got this error when I was typing text in a GXT TextField. I think it fired as I typed the third character and the...
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    Okay thanks, that's the first good consolidated statement of how this works going forward with Maven. (All the rest are more or less confusing). I will get our Nexus guys to make the changes on our...
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    Wow, could you make this more complicated? When I point my browser to (after logging into your artifactory) I don't...
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    Okay, we have a support agreement so that isn't a problem. However what concerns me is the change. We need a consistent approach for accessing GXT releases going forward. I can't ask the guys that...
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    I see 3.0.2 is available for commercial users? Why doesn't it contain 3.0.2?

    P.S. I don't understand Colin's previous...
  12. Here is the practical problem with that solution; there is no way to know/remember that this has to be done. The widget has an API that does not work and then one has to 'know/remember' that they...
  13. Okay thanks, this one is really important as there is no workaround, as unfortunately most of our users will use IE so it has to work well with that browser.
  14. I just did some more research on this. It seems this only happens if the dialog is non-modal. So it's non-modal, non-resizable dialogs that are basically unusable for production. Even in the modal,...
  15. I just saw this happen on a TextButton too, the button has the static text "Start Conversation", and after clicking on the button the font of just the second word changed. Here is the HTML:

  16. I have a GXT tree where sometimes after clicking on an item in the tree it changes its font...but only in IE. It's random when it does it but when it happens I see that GXT is applying <font...
  17. Separate test cases are hard because the bug is probably due to some specific interaction my app has with the GXT widgets. My app is somewhat unique in that its content is dynamic, i.e. it does not...
  18. Hey, I think I found a workaround for this. On IE I found that I have to override the onAfterFirstAttach() method on the Dialog. E.g.:

    protected void...
  19. I have a strange problem with TextButton in IE only. The following code creates a single row with 3 items, the first two are labels and the last is a TextButton. The intent is for this to be a...
  20. Calling setText(null) results in the text "null" being shown in the widget on IE only, null should display nothing like other browsers.

  21. What's the next version # and when do you expect that to be released?
  22. Is there any resolution to this? Is there a way I can track the actual bug # EXTGWT-1911?
  23. I was using Firefox when I saw this, not sure about other browsers.
  24. I've got several Radio buttons where I set the name so they properly act like radio buttons (only one in group can be true) but when I call getValue on radio buttons that clearly are not currently...
  25. I don't think this is fixed. The example referenced supports triggering based on the user selecting an option in the list but it does not trigger an event when the user types a manual entry.

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