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  1. Hi icfantv,

    I'm afraid your example doesn't really help me solving my problem. I'm not sure whether it makes any difference but I'm not setting the store elements myself but use a Proxy+Loader for...
  2. Hi icfantv,

    Thanks for your fast reply!

    Maybe I didn't explain myself clearly but I do have a selection handler connected to the first combo box whose onSelection() triggers a reload of the...
  3. Hi,

    I have two combo boxes: one for selecting companies and one, given a selected company, for selecting employees. If you select a company, the employee combo box loads that company's employee...
  4. Hi,

    I have a GXT chart displaying line curves for a given X and Y data range. Now I want to add a sprite to the chart to show at a specific point. I can add such a sprite using pixel coordinates...
  5. Hi,

    I'm trying to display a line curve using GXT chart. It's a very nice component but I cannot get the X-axis to adjust its range correctly. My data X-values have a range of 65 to 185 but the...
  6. Replies
    Nice work :)
  7. Replies

    I'm not sure whether the duplicate nodes are really "outside" the parent map. They have the same indentation as the nodes which are supposedly "inside" the parent map. If they are really...
  8. Hi,

    I have a problem with GXT SimpleComboBox which I'm not sure is a bug or a (unexpected) feature. I have the example code below, which should work out of the box if you put it inside...
  9. Thanks very much for your input!
    You have a great library.

  10. Hi Colin,

    Thanks very much for your help. Your suggestions have indeed solved the problem. I'm no longer using the HBoxLayoutContainer. Whenever I have multiple buttons inside the <client:button>...
  11. Hi Colin,

    Thanks for your reply. I'll see what I can do about this stand-alone testcase. In the meantime, it might be interesting for you to know that this issue seems to appear primarily inside a...
  12. Hi Colin,

    Right, of course, 3.0.0-rc comes _before_ 3.0.0 :) Indeed I noticed that 3.0.1 does not show this particular problem. Both 3.0.0 and 3.0.1 do have style/rendering issues for TextButton...
  13. Hi,

    I'd just like to report a small issue/bug with TextButton in GXT versions 3.0.0 and 3.0.1. It is not rendered entirely right (see screenshot). The bottom border of the button seems to be...
  14. Hi,

    I'm using GXT 3.0.0-rc2 (using Maven) and I still have this error. I didn't realize you guys had a post on it already so I submitted another one. I'm working in Firefox as well because Chrome...
  15. Hi,

    I have a GXT combobox which I fill up with items, specifically ComboBox<ProjectItem>. When I load my application page the combo box gets properly filled and when I expand it I see the item or...
  16. Hi,

    I have a list widget based on Grid and GridInlineEditing. Whenever I add a TextField editor for a given column config (together with a Converter<Double, String>) the GridInlineEditing...
  17. As additional information, if I just use Grid<String> and no custom Cell then the selection works correctly. So it has something to do with the IconAndText <-> IconAndTextCell interaction. Just for...
  18. Hi,

    I'm having a pretty basic problem with GXT 3.0 Grid. Whenever the grid displays for the first time I can select a row (which colors it blue). I attached a selection handler to the grid's...
  19. Hey, thanks for all your tips.

    For now I want the logout label just to say 'Logout', nothing fancy. I'm not too fond of using just icons. Unless people are really used to a given icon they are...
  20. Hey,

    Ok well, as I said, I'm having some trouble getting the GWT dev mode plugin running in Chrome but just to explain, the reason I'm using a Label in the ContentPanel's header is that I want to...
  21. I'm running into some Chrome troubles right now so I need some time to continue on this visibility problem. Apparently Chrome updated itself without asking and now it won't load the GWT development...
  22. Uhm, do you mean GWT development mode? I run my app using Maven (mvn gwt:run). But now that you mention it I could try running it outside dev mode, using mvn gae:run..., and see if that works but...
  23. Hi,

    I'm trying to add a GWT label to ContentPanel's header as follows:

    Label label = new Label("Click");
    ContentPanel panel = new ContentPanel();

    When the content...
  24. Ok thanks,

    We'll have to wait then.

  25. Hi Sven,

    I'm sorry but the GXT requestfactorybinding example is not clear to me. I don't understand what's going on there. I see no explicit usage of the RequestFactoryProxy but I suppose that the...
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