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  1. Hi Joel,

    Thanks a lot for your quick reply & care; just figured out the css style that adds background image to cover the whole page is the reason of this issues.

    Here is the css code for...
  2. Hello everyone,

    My grid - which is an item of tabpanel - has a space between its title and body. Hence background image is displayed there. I'm using Ext JS 4.2.1 Neptune Theme.

    Here is the...
  3. Thanks for your help, didn't notice path change of full build library files. It is moved into "build" folder as you said. Style resources path is also changed in Ext JS 5. fyi
  4. Seems with the release of Ext JS 5, some major package changes are done. I want to learn which files I need to import to create "Hello World" application using Ext JS 5.

    Old way was importing...
  5. I couldn't build native Android application through Sencha Cmd despite I tried different versions including latest one(v4.0.2.67) with Phonegap/Cordova on Linux. Is there any way to build native...
  6. actually I don't have too much experience about CSS; but I'm going to dig into it; if I can resolve it, I'll be informing you. Thanks again for your work.
  7. @fabio.policeno it looks very nice indeed, thanks for your contribution. I just want to add that it'll be a complete ux if you can add the effect happens at message initialization like...
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    it is working very well with the latest version of Ext JS(4.2.1). Thanks a lot Eirick!
  9. This is me again, any news after 1 year?? I'm facing same issue with Ext JS 4.2.1 while using row expander with border layout.
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    Here's my packager.json configuration file content:

    "icon": {
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    @jerome76 I tried this one too as it is mentioned at reference guide.

    $ sencha app package build packager.json

    Getting these errors:

    Copy operation failed...
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    having same issue, unable to package my application for Android.

    Commands and errors I get so far:

    sencha package build packager.json
    [ERR] Command must be run from a package folder
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    Hi everyone,

    I'm facing vertical button tooltip issue using Ext JS 4.2 as it's shown at below:


    Here's my button configuration:

    var btnSubmit = Ext.create('Ext.button.Button', {
  14. Got it, thanks for your help.
  15. Hello,

    I need to create a header like the one at KitchenSink(Classic theme) sample:


    Can I learn its CSS and usage?
    Thanks in advance.
  16. I found the problem; the difference is that I'm using ajax proxy and when I trigger itemdblclick event, I get records in the exact order at server-side. Grouping field feature just changes the...
  17. Hi everyone,

    I'm getting wrong row after itemdblclick event using grouping grid with 4.1.1.a version.

    Here's my grouping feature definition:

    var groupingFeature =...
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    great extension, I'm sure it will be useful for many people! Thanks for your works! =D>
  19. I've also tried TinyMCE extension that is developed by Oleg Schildt. Result is same. Problem is that HTMLEditor isn't able to parse separated defined css classes; so all styles should be defined...
  20. Hi everyone,

    I'm getting content of .doc file with Java; it gives me separated styled HTML, has style classes defined above the body. When I set this generated HTML text to this editor, it gives...
  21. Wonderful work, thanks again sunboX.

    I'd like to ask is it possible to add print functionality to this great extension?
    This will be amazing.
    With regards,
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    glad to be helpful.
  23. I found the solution, the problem for my situation was setting selType as rowmodel. After I comment out it, keyboard navigation works as expected..
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    so you can use moveFirst method of PagingToolbar component. It should do the same with clicking first page icon on PagingToolbar.
  25. Because of the MVC architecture behind, it looks the path through the class name. If you don't want to use same path; you should set Ext.Loader paths like this:

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