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  1. Hi All,

    I am using ExtJS 4.0.7 Picker field which contains a tree panel.
    The Tree panel is loaded with remote data. This data gets updated in the back-end every now and then so i want to fetch...
  2. as i mentioned grid.getSelectionModel().getSelection() gives me nothing.
    Isnt there a direct way of passing the row index?
  3. Hi All,

    I am using ExtJS 4.0.7. In a grid i have used the cell editing plugin.
    For a column there is a combobox editor. I want to perform some actions based upon the row index of grid to which...
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    Hi All,

    I am using ExtJS 4.0.7. I have a requirement where in a grid i have put checkbox selection model.

    var selModel = Ext.create('Ext.selection.CheckboxModel', { mode : 'SIMPLE'

  5. Hi All,

    I am using ExtJS 4.0.7.
    I want to put the collapse/expand tool button on the top left instead of top right of my collapsible grid.
    Any suggestion how can i do this?
  6. Did you find any workaround. I am facing somewhat same problem.
  7. Adding to my pain, if i make it collapsed:'true' it appears with the least width it can take.
    Again i need to catch an event and do layout.
    This is now getting me sick.
  8. Yes but if i call it upon parent panel.
  9. I have tested it on both Chrome v26.0 and Firefox v17.0.5 but i do not see any error on developer tool or firebug.
  10. Thanks for the quick reply. But this will work if i calculate the layout of outer panel.
    But since calculating layout should never be the first choice i want some straight forward solution.
    Is this...
  11. Hi All,

    I have a panel inside another panel with hbox layout.
    I want to make this inner panel as collapsible. But i figured that if i provide width in flex there are some problems in width...
  12. Hi All,

    I am using ExtJS 4.0.7 Grid panel. It has its width defined in flex. I put it initially collapsed. It appears fine but when i expand, it doesnt get expanded and instead the tool arrow goes...
  13. I know its kind of weired but its because I am showing some custom display fields in each row of grid depending upon the type of record.
    These custom fields take a little time to get created and...
  14. Anyone working on this?
    Any workaround or temporary fix?
  15. Very true.
    Editing and upgrading the Thread.
    I can not edit the title for the Thread so should i close this and log in a new one or this one will do?
    Do we have any workaround in sight?


    Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.1.1 and
    Ext 4.0.7
    Browser versions tested against:
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    Hi All,

    I recently hit a bug and i want to report it. How do i report a BUG?
    Is there any template?

    Thanks & Regards
  18. As i do not get any reply on the thread, either i have written something absurd or this really is a bug.
    Can anyone direct me on how to report a Bug please?
  19. Following is the sample code.
    As you see the viewready alert pops up only after going on Tab 2 in ExtJS 4.1.1
    where as it pops up as soon as you land on page in ExtJS 4.0.7.

  20. Hi All,

    I was previously using ExtJS 4.0.7 tabpanel which had a few tabs.
    Each tab had a grid.
    The tab panel was with following config

    var tabForm = Ext.create('', {
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    You can also do

    simply to print the current window.
  22. i will see if its possible for me to upgrade the app to 4.1.x.
    Thanks for the help any way Scott.
  23. Hi Scott,

    Its working for the browser provided Scroll bar in ExtJS 4.1
    But i am using 4.0.7 and when the scroll is Ext.grid.Scroller the records scroll but the view of scrollbar shows it still on...
  24. I wont have clue of what data would be coming from the DB so cant filter anything.
    Its like i fetch different player names to show in combo box and every row represents a different game.
    I dont...
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    The thing you are asking is not exactly ExtJS property but the OS and Interface you use.

    If you want to print something its simple javascript.
    You can try something like

    var myWindow =...
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