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  1. Not sure what happened there. I will open a ticket for our doc team.
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    That sure sounds wrong. Can you paste the Ext.define and few relevant lines (with requires, extend, override, uses, etc) of these two files? If you need to change names please be sure not to remove...
  3. We are tracking this as SDKTOOLS-1052 (see and a candidate fix will be in the next nightly build. Can you try or newer (once it arrives in...
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    So you are seeing class Y appear before X in the generated app.js file? And class Y has an explicit "requires" statement for "X"?

    If that is so, do you see any warnings in the build output?
  5. The test case (and our example) indeed won't work on IE8 due to VML limitations so I am changing this to a documentation bug.

    The only way to fade in IE8 is to use sprite attributes. See...
  6. @Robo

    Did Cmd work for you and then stop? Or did both fail for you?
  7. Thanks for the report! I have opened a feature request in our tracker.
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    Can you post some code examples and the order of files generated by Cmd?
  9. More details on Sencha Space application management.
  10. Greetings All -

    I am pleased to announce that we have posted Sencha Cmd 5.1.2 for general use.

    Try out the new sencha app publish command to quickly publish application versions to Sencha...
  11. @seade

    I'm glad to got to the bottom of it, but apologize for the trouble. Can you post that content of that file (maybe a zip)? Or by "empty" do you mean 0-bytes long?

    I'd like to reproduce...
  12. You could try adding this to your build.xml file:

    <target name="-before-init">
    <property name="build.operations">
  13. This is complicated by two issues:

    Sass has variables but only uses them to generate CSS
    CSS styling does not reach into charts (which do not present normal HTML elements to style)

  14. Especially when dealing with overrides, the one-file rule is really important. This is because overrides have important timing constraints (think override of a mixin - which must be applied before...
  15. Hi Jim,

    It is a text file containing key/value pairs.

    You can learn more here and here.
  16. Greetings All -

    I am pleased to announce that we have posted Sencha Cmd 5.1.1 for general use.

    Probably the most important improvement in this release is the reduced memory usage during...
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    The multiSelect config is deprecated because the TagField has a better UI for that behavior. We are looking at merging these in the future but that config should still work. You can see an example of...
  18. Hi Jeff,

    The best thing to do is create your own thread and provide as much context as possible about your code. I don't think this 2 year old thread is actually related to what you are asking and...
  19. I am not seeing this in the button example odd... Can you tell from the style inspector what rule is causing that border?
  20. The Ext.elevateFunction is an optional, user-supplied method that we route through on re-entry from the browser. This was added to "elevate" application code to escape contexts like those for Windows...
  21. Thanks for the report! Your change is probably one we can make - opening a ticket to look into it.
  22. Looks like the build agent problem did not get fixed today, so I ran up Cmd to the beta channel. It is not an official beta just a nightly build.


    sencha upgrade --beta

  23. First off, I noticed that the Ext JS version was wrong updated to 5.1.2 (should be 5.1.1 of course) - that should be fixed now for next nightly. On the other part, the Cmd nightly build agent went...
  24. From a Cmd perspective, you are correct. Since Cmd has full file system access, we could indirect to a common location on the system very easily.

    But it is the browser that has to load the Ext JS...
  25. Thanks for the report! I have opened a bug in our bug tracker.
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