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  1. Sorry, if you click on the widget button in the grid, you will see the popup that has record.getData(),

    I wouldnt expect id:null, when I had set the idProperty:'CustomId'
  3. Ya, say I update row 1, call store.sync (), the server will do a recalculation, and we were hoping to send back more than one row as they are dependent on one another.

    For example, say there...

    Just simply click store.load() button at the top.

    messes up here in onViewRefresh()

    cell =...
  5. Am I missing unintended consequences in this override? I didnt think that you could reload a chained store because it is linked to a parent. This seems like reasonable behavior for a chained store to...
  6. Please see fiddle.

    Why do i need to call chainedStore.getSource().load(), rather than chainedStore.load()?

    I dont see the logic of why it wouldn't...
  7. Is it possible, because I have a data grid that has the possibility that when I update row1, it could have, and most likely does, have an effect on data in row3.

    I was hoping to do store.sync(),...
  8. We have this problem as well,

    we have

  9. Could you provide a work-a-round? Just ran into this.

    i have 1 store, store.rejectChanges(), then getSession().getChanges() still returns the phantom record that was initially created...

    How do...
  10. im still having the same problem. Did you find a workaround? Im trying to create a child session with the viewmodl and its not making one
  11. This works but it is not what I am trying to achieve. I am trying to make 1 definition of the proxy in the model, or the store, i dont really care.

    I think the code that needs to be modified is...
  12. Why is the proxy different when I set it on the model, versus when I set it on the store?

    Click on the button "View Proxy" to see the difference.

  13. Obviously there are a few unit tests missing from your base code....
  14. Can you enlighten me on what code should be in the last if block?


    I do something like


    var batch=session.getSaveBatch()
  15. How do we use this with URL routing? Its not picking up my routes.
  16. This isnt a bug, the only issue is that it is slow in large apps.
  17. When you have components that are


    The components are initially visible, and then hide as the binds are run. I have overridden component to...
  18. I can't believe there hasnt been 1 response to this. It is a common usecase for sessions. SENCHA!?!? Hello?

    Select USA first, then select a state "Alaska".

    If you then change the country to Canada, you should not be able to have "Alaska" selected in the child...
  20. This is pretty simple, I had an unlocked grid, and now I have a potentially locked grid, so there should be 1 API regardless of if the grid is locked or not to get the VISIBLE columns. This is being...
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    Is this resolved? If not, can we get the bug number.

  22. This is a lot worse in a row editor, and especially a row editor in a window.

    SENCHA, any updates on giving us a resolution?

    Select a record in the top grid, click "remove" in the bottom grid, to remove an associated record.

    The CustomId field is being set to null, this should...
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    How do I load the Address of this person?

    var p=new Person();

    With associated data there is not an easy way to load these models, unless the server returns everything at once...
  25. These are stores, how am i supposed to identify them?
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