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  1. Check below code or this url : . How can we limit numbers of lines that is allowed to enter in ExtJS TextArea. Does ExtJs provides something out of the box...
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    Hi Viral, Can you please share your code to show how you made it work. Thanks
  3. Hi All, So many people have replied to this thread but no one has shared the full code (the store, data , model, feature &grid). I think it would be great if someone please share a fiddle showcasing...
  4. Hi All,

    Do we have any plugin which will allow us to have multiple level of grouping in ExtJS grid.
    Something similar to this:
  5. Hi All,
    I am using ExtJs 4.1. My application is having two grid. Both the grid have grouping feature (I am using two unique Grouping feature). Both the grids are using single store. Each grid is...
  6. Hi All, I copy pasted Group grids example into a sample app. But when the grid is rendered, it was rendered without header, border and css class. I created a fiddle for it and even that is not...
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    Hi All,

    So many modification is been made to the original post. I just wonder which option is the best and what version of ExtJS is supported for that answer.
  8. I am using ExtJs 4.1. We have one variable which contains data in JSON format. I want to load the value of that json into my Ext.Data.TreeStore. Usually store have loadData() which does the trick. ...
  9. HI All,

    I have a TreePanel. Each node is tree is given an ID. On click of a button, I want to fire the checkchange event for node 2.1 (as shown in the below tree). How can I fire checkchange event...
  10. Hi All,

    I am going to add a plugin to my ExtJs 4.1 application. Currently I have added the code for plugin into one of the file where I am making use of the plugin and everything is working fine. ...
  11. HI All,

    I have a tree panel which is having multiple nodes. I have a store which contains certain keys. If that key is present in the TreePanel as one of node, I want to disable that node & if...
  12. @halcwb: Thank you for quick reply. But calling by using this.fireEvent('checkchange') does not fire the event. I am using ExtJs 4.1
  13. I have a ExtJs 4.1 check box tree panel. When I check or uncheck any node, check change event for the tree is fired. How can I programmatically fire this event.

    One way I can think of is to use...
  14. Hi Slemmon,

    Thank you for the reply. getScrollbarSize() is not supported on grid object. Also using Ext.getScrollbarSize() returns the browsers scrollbar size. in my case when the grid is not...
  15. Hi All,

    I have a simple grid developed using ExtJs 4.2.1 framework. The grid is having one bottom bar (bbar).
    Problem: Horizontal scrollbar is not visible due to the bottom bar (its hidden behind...
  16. HI All,

    I just upgraded from ExtJs 4.1 to ExtJs 4.2.1 and I am facing some issue. Earlier I used following code to figure out if vertical and horizontal scrollbars are present or not but this code...
  17. Hi Evant:
    Thank you for quick reply. Correct me if I am wrong, but I think for me to use 'Ext.util.Format.number(123.45, '0,000.00%')' , I have to use renedrer config of the grid column. I want...
  18. HI All,

    I have a grid with multiple column. How can I format data of one of the column to show % symbol. Is there any inbuilt way to do this? I know I can use renderer but I dont want to go that...
  19. Hi All,

    We are using ExtJs 4.1 and making use of grid extensively. Right now we have hard coded the width for each column, we want to make column auto fit based on the content of the gird. We...
  20. HI Ingo.hefti,

    Thank you for quick reply.
  21. HI All,

    I am using ExtJS for a while now. My application gets the data in JSON format and present it to user. I want to replicate this application over mobile. I looked at the example for Sencha...
  22. Hi All,

    I have a store which is loaded w.r.t items from a list using Extjs direct proxy.

    proxy : {
    type: 'direct',
    api: {
    read: data
  23. HI Mixo,

    Thank you for quick reply. I will try the solution you gave but I tried this code and its working. I think your solution is same as below solution. +1 for that =D>. Thank you

  24. I have a store which is having a model. Model contains three fields ID, Name, age. This store is attached to a grid.
    This is how the data looks:


    I user filter function on the store to...
  25. Hi Guys,

    Any idea when this bug will be fixed ?
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