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  1. Do you have a 'sencha.cfg' file under '.sencha/workspace'?

    If you do, what is the value of the 'ext.dir' property? This specifies the path - relative to the root of the application - to ExtJS....
  2. Yes, you add the indexOf method, and the code works.

    If you don't have anything listening to the bulkremove event, the indexof doesn't even have to work.
  3. Well, in that case the bug is that it's not consistent with similar components.

    Let's go through the subclasses of Ext.panel.Panel:
    * Ext.container.ButtonGroup - sets the ui parameter on...
  4. In 4.2.0, you could create a custom component UI for a Ext.panel.Panel, and re-use that for tab panels. The UI parameter was used to create the outer container, but the sub-components (the tabbar and...
  5. Thanks - I did look to see if it had been reported, but I obviously missed it.
  6. Maciej, it's a different bug, introduced between 4.2.0 and 4.2.1
  7. When you call 'removeAll(true)' on a tree store node, it will try to destroy the models as they are removed.

    The model's 'destroy' method is called. As part of this, it tries to notify listeners...
  8. Sometimes, when working with JSON data, you don't get the format you want. In particular, it's not uncommon to see nested JSON data expressed as an object, instead of arrays. For example:

  9. It's a bug in Sencha Cmd 3.1.0. The generated config.rb doesn't have the correct path to the resources, when you make an app as part of a workspace.

    Edit the sass/config.rb file inside your...
  10. One of the promoted advantages of 4.2.0, as per the announcement post, is that controllers can be unit tested.

    I have certainly found that I can easily instantiate a controller and unit test the...
  11. Well, in our case we've got a couple of extra files that we download, and the all-classes.js file is big enough that it has a noticeable delay (2-4 seconds, when served from an AWS server). So...
  12. One of the standard recommended 'best practices' for developing JavaScript-heavy pages is to put Javascript links at the bottom of the page, whilst leaving CSS links in the <head> section....
  13. In the end, I recreated the workspace and the app and re-imported our files. Now my UX guy needs to figure out the changes to the SASS structure, but other than that it's working.
  14. When I create a new application, and include a TreePanel, the resulting application can not be built because the ext-theme-neutral/sass/src/tree/Panel.scss file refers to the SASS variable...
  15. There's a bug in Sencha CMD where you can't build apps made as part of a workspace. The sass/config.rb lists an incorrect path to the packages directory.

    This is the result when you try...
  16. I'm not trying to upgrade from 4.1; I'm trying to upgrade from the previous beta version of 4.2.0 - from 4.2.0-265 to 4.2.0-489.

    If there is no automated process, I need to find a manual approach....
  17. What's the recommend process for upgrading from the previous beta releases of ExtJS 4.2 and Sencha Cmd (4.2.0-265 and, respectively) to the current releases (4.2.0-489 and 3.1.130)?

    As a...
  18. Yes. And when you do, the 'sencha generate' set of commands will no longer work, as they have the 'app/app.js' part hard-coded into the plugin.xml command.
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    As a work-around, you can add 'Ext.rtl.*' to the requires section of your application. This ensures that the packaging brings in all of the RTL classes.

    I haven't found a way to prevent it needing...
  20. I'm using ExtJs 4.2.0-265, with Sencha Cmd 3.0.2-288.

    When I create a build (using 'sencha app build'), the resulting 'all-classes.js' file in the production build folder includes a copy of...
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    I'm also getting this problem. I'm using ExtJs 4.2.0 b285, and Sencha Cmd 3.0.2.

    The isLocalRtl method is part of Ext.rtl.AbstractComponent (presumably part of the new Right-to-Left work); the...
  22. [This is for the Sencha Cmd build]

    ExtJs allows us to set the appFolder to be something instead of 'app' - e.g I can set it to 'myapp' if I want. However, the Sencha Cmd scripts stop...
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