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    Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.2.1 rev 883

    Browser versions tested against:
  2. Is there a way to set the height and width of the Window using CSS? The values I set on my class just get overridden by attributes. If I attempt to set them using max-height/width or...
  3. Well, it does look like the model's fields are loaded in the order they are defined (for now), so I could list the nickName last and it's convert() would get access to the others. However, that...
  4. I'm using the store's load method, and the data is getting populated. The issue is that the nickName field is not required, so if not supplied, I need to set some "default" data, ie: firstName -...
  5. My issue is that I'm getting firstName, lastName and optionally nickName from the server. After the model is loaded I need to check if nickName is set and if not, set it to "firstName - lastName". ...
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    How do I clear the value of a numberfield? When I do: field.setValue(''), it display correctly in Chrome (shows my placeHolder text). However, on my phone it shows NaN, due to...
  7. I'm getting an exception after removing a view and trying to display the next view.
    I'm adding my login container using Ext.Viewport.setActiveItem({ xtype: 'login' }) and after a successful login...
  8. Specifically I'm trying to figure out how to change Ext.field.Field.labelWidth at a global level, ie: in my app.js file?

  9. I don't see a data attribute defined to supply the inputs to the tpl.
    Once you get that working, I wonder if you'll have same issue I'm having. Using a tpl causes the fieldLabel to not display.
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    How do I set a maxHeight on a Grid? I don't want to have a set height in case there are only a few rows to display, but I can't have it expand to 1,000's of rows either.

  11. Adding the anchor layout to all 3 panel's is working perfectly for the resizing!
    New issue however, in Chrome 11.0.696.68, if I add autoScroll to the viewport and make the browser scroll, I'm...
  12. I think my issue was a miss understanding about the layouts on my part.
    At this point I'm really just trying to figure two things out.
    1. Is there a way recreate the auto layout with other layouts...
  13. Not at all, any help is more than appreciated, thank you.
    I'm mostly frustrated that the layout I want to use 99% of the time "auto" doesn't do resizing. Can anyone give me any hints on how I can...
  14. You are correct, I mean that if I uncomment the code it stops resizing. We want panels within panels to show multiple sections inside of sections... is there a better way to get headings on a...
  15. I have an hbox inside of a viewport, then 3 panels. If I only have 2 panels the hbox is resizing with the browser, but with 3 its not.

    Ext.create('Ext.container.Viewport', {
    layout: 'fit',...
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    When I change to hbox my content is getting cut off, the third column on the left is not displaying. Is there some documentation you could point me to on all of this?

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    I guess I have a couple of issues to work through then. The first one being, why doesn't the vbox layout work?
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    Sorry, forgot to remove the align from the column, but what I'm after is the entire width of the page to be taken. The column layout with two items of .5 is accomplishing that, but it doesn't resize...
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    I have an issue where a container (and panel...) contents are not resizing when I resize the browser. I know if I don't specify a layout this will be the case, however, when I add a vbox layout, my...
  20. I believe there’s an issue with the way alias’s get registered in their components as xtypes. For example, I’m try to query a radio button, this.down(‘radio’) and am unsuccessful, however, I’m able...
  21. I have a Model that has a field for a radiogroup. When I call the forms updateRecord the model's field for the radiogroup gets set to the "value" of the last radio button in the list (ie:...
  22. But if I set height, the window wont grow when the text is larger than the area available for it. Height and width are static, which is why I'm using minHeight/maxHeight
  23. But it doesn't start out as big as its suppose to be. I have to believe the doc is correct and this would be the "minimum" value for this field. So in my example the smallest it should ever be is...
  24. Then why/how can the window be displayed smaller than I have listed for minHeight? So my window should never be smaller than this value, correct?

    Here's the doc:

    minHeight : Number
  25. Looks like the maxHeight is not working either.
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