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    When in the lifecycle of a panel that has a template assigned available in the life cycle.

    so for instance here is my template
    "<div id="id1">{whatever}</div>"

    I want to add an event on that...
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    It looks like when the panel is layed out for the first time an event for activate is called, then also when setActiveItem is called. Is this the expected behaviour?

  3. I've spend countless hours reading the docs to find out that the reason that some features of Sencha touch just don't work are mainly because the features are actually not implemented in the code. ...
  4. Thanks...I was missing a layout: 'fit' on the parent panel... that is really strange but fixed the issue. Things really get weird in Sencha when you try to do too much nesting
  5. I have a list as the activeItem of a panel (layout: 'card'). The list is longer than the window so it vertically scrolls but not all the way to the bottom.

    Anyone know why or what config I can...
  6. I've seen this needs to be fixed.
  7. DataView's bindStore method works :)!
  8. When setting a different store to a list that is already rendered, how to I get it to refresh itself?
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    Is there a way to render a view in a controller, and create a callback to add the view to another container. The reason I ask is because before the panel actually finishes loading it appears to be...
  10. I have a dynamic list of products to add to the viewport and I may not know ahead of time what list of products I might be showing to the user. Therefore I've wrapped logic in my view to dynamically...
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    Has anyone seen screen flashing on the iphone between transitions? I don't see this with safari when I'm developing.

    I also sometimes see cards not animating synchronized. Meaning, sometimes...
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    Before I forge ahead I'd like some architecture advices.

    First question:
    I have a list that loads another panel that has a list or products. I'm using the MVC pattern. My initial design was to...
  13. Tiffany,

    I was able to get the tab html to show but only if I set a height on the tabpanel itself, which seems weird. If you set the tabpanel to fullscreen nothing shows.

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    In case anyone was wondering I think this is a better/cleaner way to handle the connection of the button's tap event and then firing off the custom event:

    foobar.views.productList =...
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    I just started using Sencha last week so I'm a bit low on the learning curve.

    I need some help. I have a 'view' which is an Ext.Panel that contains a Ext.List and a toolbar.

    The button in...
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