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  1. So issue 1 is a phonegap thing, rather than sencha touch. The answer is that in phonegap, the app has to set the playback category *before* the UIWebView is created (eg, in appdelegate.m init method,...
  2. Hey all, I'm running into two issues with HTML5 video. It works on simulator/browser (Chrome evergreen) but when I put it on a device through Cordova (iPad2 iOS 8, cordova 3.4.0-0.1.3) I don't get...
  3. For future ref, in initialize for my container I do this to hide the search field initially.
  4. bump, this needs to get addressed in either ST and in Architect. Architect doesn't parse the switch template correct, as there are no closing tags for each case, which means it thinks you have an...
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    Ah, the issue was I was removing the record from one store, but had it referenced in another store or array. Removing the record from the store destroyed it. Model.set should really throw an error if...
  6. Do you have the permissions set up in the xml files and such? For using the camera? I haven't packaged with native (I use Cordova) but i'm curious if the android manifest lists the Camera in the...
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    Anyone see this before.

    var myFoo = myComponent.getRecord();

    myFoo.get('bar'); // gets value of say, 42.
    myFoo.get('bar'); // should return 1, but gives 42 instead.
  8. Open up the docs, search for Ext.ComponentQuery.query and then mouse over the title to see a "View Source". Tap that and you can see the source. As for why it's done like that, if you look at the...
  9. Take a look at the code for the selector. The answer is in there. If you want to specify just the #myId then you have to give the object an id, not an itemId, and that has to be unique across your...
  10. Here's the issue - the store for the list that was displaying the items is filtered. The list however would create my custom component listitem even for items that were filtered out, ie were never...
  11. Hey all, I noticed a weird bug in my app today. I've got a custom component for a list item. The associated record in the list store is removed after I'm done with it, but the component item isn't...
  12. I can confirm now that if I remove the app.js from Ext.Blink, then Cordova loads as expected. deviceready event fires. If I try to load the app.js, the app fails 9/10 to load. I don't try and do...
  13. I'm running into a problem with my app. 9 times out of 10 it just won't load in cordova. The other 1/10, it loads fine. I'm still looking into it (trying to move Ext.blink stuff to load things after...
  14. That was exactly it, funny I never thought to take a look there. Thanks!
  15. You can add and remove items from the carousel with the carousel.add and carousel.remove functions, no need to use innerHtml anywhere. If you could post some code of exactly what you're doing that...
  16. Sencha Cmd v4.0.0.203

    Only refs to Ext.Logger are in /touch/src
  17. So literally after coming back from a walk with my dog, my app stopped working.
    Uncaught Error: [Ext.Loader]...
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    I'm guessing that it might have something to do with the object cache, and if you change the ID of the object it isn't removing that cached object, and then it adds it back in. I subbed a bug a while...
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    Any more info on this? This is biting me in the tuckus quite a bit. :/
  20. ST 2.3.0/1a

    When attempting to save a model where some of the fields are undefined, WebSQL db (on Chrome evergreen) will fail to save even if the model says that the fields can be null. Thing is,...
  21. Any ideas how to get UTF-8 encoding working in the browser's (Chrome) WebSQL database?

    Right now, my text is getting mangled in the DB when it contains UTF-8 characters. I have yet to find any...
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    I'd like to second that. Setting it to 999999 doesn't work - it just sets it back to 25. (this is when loading a hasMany association, eg model.hasManyItems() always seems to return 25, even when the...
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    That's great to hear, please let us know..! :)
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    Well, this bug has finally hit me as I started working with the sql proxy. I'm not happy to see that Sencha has publically ignored it for 6+ months.
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    I get that the object returned my getHideAnimation doesn't have an 'on' method ?
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