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    I think the captcha only appears when you're not signed in...
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    Is it deliberate irony that you sell ext themes for ext on the ext forum using a site called extthemes and yet you use jquery on your site?! :-/
  3. @Animal, I get that same issue with firebug not loading all my scripts.
    It seems to happen to me when I refresh my app but I switch browser tabs and do something else while the app loads. It's as...
  4. I get 17
    xp pro SP3 & FF3.0.9 / IE 7
  5. I'm using this extension (with modifications) as a panel in a card layout and was having the same issue as other people with the ADD button not responding to clicks.

    I believe it's because the...
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    Feel free - the requirement I designed to was to support 4 items, no more no less, so there was no need for me to develop it further at this time.
    All it essentially does is display 4 items from an...
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    Thanks Animal - Yes, it's all my own work - the perspectives are calculated to work with a fixed number of images (4) which is all that page was ever designed to use so it's quite easy when you're...
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    The latest site I've developed involving Ext: - a UK Xbox fan site.

    The behind-the-scenes admin system for the site is entirely Ext based and the Xbox 360 style...
  9. I think by 4.0 Ext will be self-aware.
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    There used to be one in these forums, didn't there?
  11. nice work - what would be pretty neat now is a plugin for it which displays a "paging" toolbar so you can show the user how many cards there are and how far through the sequence they are and allow...
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    Ahhh, that's easy then! :D You just need to add a background image to the .x-layout-collapsed-west and .x-layout-collapsed-east CSS declarations.
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    What you're after is not easily achieved - there is no simple way to rotate text in a browser so it would have to be achieved with images or swf or some other technology to render the contents.
  14. pretty handy little tool, nice find.

    perhaps I'll print this off and show my boss when I ask for a pay rise :D

  15. So the default behaviour would be that your server would knowingly send unsafe data to the client for cleanup/display? sorry but that doesn't sound right to me.
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    very impressed so far, js heavy pages are seriously fast!
  17. you really need to use firebug to see what's going on in your code rather than use alerts or document.write;

    once you've done that, look at what's in the selections array -...
  18. prez.push is going to add a value to the prez array. The problem is you are adding the value of json.IDp to the array, which doesn't exist - check your data!
  19. Have you already tried Ext.QuickTips.disable(); :-?
  20. You can modify the template used in the onRender to include a qtip like this:

    ext:qtip="{' + this.displayField + '}"
    which would produce a tooltip for each entry.
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    nice to see that someone is putting the "best of the extensions" in one place.

    couple of bugs on initial testing:

    1) columns can be dragged outside of their grouped header - this makes the...
  22. some nice work there, although I wonder why they've used Flex for the grids.
    If nothing else the visual aspect looks inconsistent with the Ext style, what's wrong with a good old fashioned GridPanel?
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    View source on the page and you'll see how (simply) it's achieved. ;)
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    two thumbs up from me - I didn't quite believe the bug report when I read it ; "special characters cannot be entered on FF but they can on IE". yea yea I thought, user error. nope! nice fix, you...
  25. I've got the same issue actually. I'm using something similar to the complex layout example - I've got a tabPanel as a center region inside a border layout which acts as a the main workspace of the...
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