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  1. That's a common attitude I've seen on bug reports around here. "It's unintuitive and mostly broken, but if you tweak it in this particular way, it works: WONTFIX".
  2. Replies
    This bug is a testament to why I don't use ExtJS anymore - the default behavior is verifiably incorrect, the fix is straightforward, and yet no fix is forthcoming for over a year. My experience with...
  3. I haven't updated my build tools - does this still occur with Command V3?

    To get around this issue, I include my overrides in a separate build task in my .jsb3. I bundle them up with all the other...
  4. This bug is still present in ExtJS4 && ST2 - Architect-generated code causes this to fail.

    Why would extra spaces pose any problem in parsing this data?
  5. I found a workaround!

    Simply create an override to (I included it in my index.html):

    Ext.applyIf(, {
    creditCardMessage: "is not a valid credit...
  6. Thanks. I think the real bug I was experiencing is that the x-spinner control appends "-button" and "-button-down"/"-button-up" to the "cls" config. This means that the cls config I used -...
  7. I agree and was dismayed by the use of designerIds in 2.1, although 2.1 was a major step forward for compatibility with most real-world workflows.

    It is not clear to me why fully-qualified...
  8. In the official docs' description of the config property 'cls', it lists the attributes as String/String[].

    It is not possible to input an array in Architect, and therefore not possible to input...
  9. The following post fixed it for me:

    sudo apt-get install ia32-libs

    A huge pain and a huge library but it works on my build servers.

    I have written a more comprehensive guide you may...
  10. I don't understand the need for this debate. I have a credit card validator working just fine in my Ext4 version. 90% of that code will work fine in a keyup handler. And I have written an extension...
  11. I agree, and this is how I would code it in a perfect world, but SA2.1 has broken support of overrides when using the build tools. I either have a working build or an override, but not both.
  12. The noise and the aborted ajax load appears to be the only effect of this so far. Since then I've just killed the override. If I need to include one in SA2.1 I'll just be adding it to my index.html /...
  13. Yes, I was hoping to do this without overrides, however; the overrides system in SA2.1 is somewhat broken, as I detail in another thread.

    I believe the best way to do this may be just to put a...
  14. Sorry to push on this, but I have a CC# form that has to be validated and this is making it very difficult. Does anyone have any ideas?
  15. Also - the "Format Validation" is missing the "matcher" attribute.
  16. It looks like the simple support for adding a validator to a Form field is not present in ST2, while it is in ExtJS4.

    Information I've found online suggests to add validators to your models, and...
  17. That's great, I've been using a personally hacked together version of Beta 3 (that actually works quite well). Do you have any suggestions on how to work around this? Adding the requires[] statement...
  18. In Architect 2.0, when defining an override, a requires[] statement was added to app.js so the override is loaded first.

    In Architect 2.1, that statement was removed in favor of a requires[]...
  19. To be honest, that doesn't seem that far off. Ext.form.* has a lot of general dependencies, including Ext core and most of the Model modules. You can see a full list of what has been included inside...
  20. Bumping this to the top, as I noticed a lot of first-page questions that could be solved by this doc.
  21. Just wanted to add my +1 on this. Just spent a very long time tracking this down, as I was getting really strange results from a store after users did a PUT or POST.

    In the meantime I added a...
  22. That should work fine. For anyone who is reading, if you simply include ext-all.js in a separate final build target that does not minify, you will not get the above errors and still maintain a...
  23. Any thoughts on this? My project is getting bigger and Architect performance is getting worse and worse.
  24. Ah yes, I had forgotten, ext-all.js is compressed in a such a severe way that it causes compilation issues when you attempt to re-compress it.

    The best way to go may be to compress your app files...
  25. Simply include ext-all-dev.js in your index-build.html, instead of ext-dev. This will cause Ext.Loader to not load any Ext dependencies, and thus they will not end up in your jsb3.
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