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    I have a chart that is integrated into a panel. The panel has a fixed width and the layout "fit". Now it is possible that may the number of bars will be changed (for example, instead of months...
  2. Hi,

    i've got one question. Is it possible to preload a store to use the result in different comboboxes.

    For example:
    My application has several grid views. Each is editable. To edit a record...
  3. Very strange behavior:

    I add the config parameter "activeItem" and set the value to "1" and i do not get an error anymore. Is the value "0" or anything else, i will get the error.

    In addition,...
  4. Hi there,

    i have a problem with the tree panel and loading content via an ajax request. In order to understand my problem, I would like to outline the structure of my application.

    At the top...
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    Thank you. That's what I was looking for.
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    I have one more question. I like to refill a panel with new information (e.g. a grid view, form) next to the tree panel. Therefor I add the click listener. How can I get the attribute of the clicked...
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    I found the error and have fixed it. I have to define an element:

    this.listeners = {
    'click': {
    element: 'el', //bind to the underlying el property on the panel
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    Hi there,

    i have a question about the listener on a tree panel, because it does not work in my application.

    I like to add a click listener on my tree panel. To build the panel i define a...
  9. Sorry for that thread. Can be deleted. By mistake I created the thread twice
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