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  1. Hi bretzeltux. Yes, I'd like to thank David Fitch too - it's just what I was looking for.

    bretzeltux, if you have a moment, could you do me a favour and check how the form looks for you in...
  2. This problem has been discussed in help:

    The issue is that, in Firefox 3, a FormPanel inside a Window with layout:fit is being sized incorrectly...
  3. No difference with ext-base sadly :(
  4. Good idea, I'll gve it a go...
  5. Replies
    How are you removing the buttons? Are you using Ext.destroy() ?

    destroy( Mixed arg1, [Mixed arg2], [Mixed etc...] ) : void
    Attempts to destroy any objects passed to it by removing all event...
  6. Sure, however this was taken verbatim from the Basic Login tutorial in the Learning Center area of the site:

    Anyway, removing the size info from the...
  7. Thanks for the help Jay. The window already had layout: fit, but I tried removing with width from the form panel but no change I'm afraid :(

    If I add this code at the end:
  8. Of course, it's possible that I've done something daft, but I shall continue to investigate...
  9. OK, so this is the code with some stuff ripped out for brevity (I am slightly worried that I've removed too many brackets, but you get the idea):

  10. Thanks for that.
  11. To get started with Ext I thought I'd try the Basic Login tutorial as it's well written and exactly what I was going to need for the project anyway.

    The trouble is, the Window + FormPanel looks...
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