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  1. A late hack yesterday night shows that they actually play very well together :)

  2. The website is live now.

    Let jus know what you think.
  3. Thank you.
    You will be able to register for the beta release soon.
    Stay tuned :)
  4. Yes.
    Ext JS and Sencha Touch are at the hearth of what we do.
    We will share some news soon.
  5. We will take care of the licensing part with Sencha when times a ready.

    We dont bundle Ext JS and Sencha Touch in our SDK. You sill going to have to download it from Sencha Site and add it...
  6. Actually found something about Navara :
    And from what I see this is a totally different story than Ahome-Desk.
    Hopefuly my previous post shows it.

    We provide...
  7. @MartineNavara

    The Desk itself is not a framework. It s a platform in wich one can run regular web apps for desktop and mobile.
    The platform is powered by Ext JS and Sencha Touch.

    On top...
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    Here it is :

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    The project is not dead at all.
    It s actually becoming part of something bigger.
    I just shared the new in the community thread and it s awaiting moderation.
    Soon you will see what we have been...
  10. Hello Folks,

    Today I m really excited to share with you something that we ve been working on and that we will publish soon. We call it Ahomé-Desk.

    Goal of this project is to simplify and unify...
  11. Have a look at
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    I will def. have some inputs once I played with it.
    Cant wait :)
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    Sweet !!!!!

    Looking forward too.
  14. In the meantime you can see it in action here :

    Just visit the page with a desktop browser and a mobile device.

    Or explicitely :

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    Indeed Sencha gives us some powerfull tools and the community is for sure one the best :)

    No ETA but should be soon.

    Extensions are supported yes. Take a look at the ext4j-ux project...
  16. Now that Sencha is trying to unify Ext JS and Sencha Touch (at least some part) I think they will have some kind of solution regarding using both frameworks in the same app.

    Should come out...
  17. Well I just gave you the solution above :)
  18. Not at all.
    We are pretty happy with the performane.

    What I mean is that we inject Ext JS or Sencha Touch resources based on the client machine.
    We have a script that will detect the client...
  19. We solved this by detecting which client the user is using and dynamically injecting the Ext JS of Sencha Touch resources in the main html page. That way our app can be served from the same page and...
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    Here is a tutorial about how to add Ext4j in an existing Ext JS application.
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    I did nt assumed you were dismissing my work. No worries :)

    I started Touch4j with Sencha Touch 1. Now Touch4j supports the latest Sencha Touch version and adds even more stuff to it. So I think I...
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    Thank you for the nice feedback.
    I trully appreciate that.

    I already started working on a user Guide.
    Hopefully I will finish it before the G.A Release.
    You cna find it here :...
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    What are you missing in Ext4j ?

    A release candidate of Ext4j should come out pretty soon.
    It s true that I have to keep up with every change that Sencha makes but I enjoy it.
    It gaves...
  24. I think it happend to me too.
    Someone asked for help in a P.M I told him I cant help so he downboted all my posts.
    How weird ....
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    I m really happy your team is liking Ext4j.
    I hope it will help you like it did help us.

    I have supporting Ext JS 3 in mind but it will depend on how people really want it.
    With Ext JS 5...
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