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  1. i'm getting an error in your version as soon as i click on any plus-icon:

    this.paramNames is undefined in TreeGrid.js (Linie 1538)i fixed the whole thing yesterday - there's only two...
  2. do you have the working version (with Ext JS 3.0 fixes) available somewhere?
  3. around here 3 more developers are coming along, so 4 for us until now
  4. kudos to mrsunshine for organizing this.
    i'll be there and i think i can drag at least two more developers along.

    another possible topic could be Ext Core. i'd agree to present on that a little...
  5. i just ran across the same issue, no matter what i set, the valueField was not submitted, but whatever was outputted as displayField...

    reading the API docs carefully i solved it: "you must...
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