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  1. I certainly understand that. My current code is still "stuck" in 3.4 as well, partially because 4 was released right in the middle of our development cycle. I took a quick attempt to convert to 4,...
  2. Was this ever updated to work with ExtJS 4?
  3. Here's how I did it...

    First, extend the TreePanel class and add a reloadTree function:

    customTreePanel = Ext.extend
  4. Ext version tested:

    Browser versions tested against:
    FF24.0 (w/ firebug 1.12.4) IE10

    DOCTYPE tested against:
    Strict Quirks

  5. Internet explorer is throwing a pop-up warning:

    I am trying to load a JsonStore with about 6000 records. The store is configured with 20 fields (but the JSON data contains 40 fields).

  6. I was frustrated that the ListMenu wasn't using the configured store's sorted values... so I fixed it:

    Change ListMenu.js : in the onLoad function (line 116-ish).

    for(var i=0,...
  7. Forgot to mention this is in 3.4.0, but was also occurring in 3.3.x.
  8. I have a page with a tab panel... in that tab panel is an item with an autoLoad:{} object set. In the autoLoad, I am passing a params:{} object.

    It seems that in Internet Explorer (version 6 & 7,...
  9. I seem to have solved both of my problems... if you try to specify a filter:{ } definition in the defaults:{} config for the column model, it doesn't actually apply correctly. Once I explicitly put...
  10. Minor bug: If the data associated with a column in a grid had NULL values, you'd get:
    Error: this.inputItem.getValue() is undefined
    Source File:...
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    Ever since since the release of 4.0 the sencha web site has been getting slower and slower to respond. Today has been particularly bad, as the API documentation browser has been completely unusable...
  12. I noticed something strange... when using a string filter, when clicking drop-down menu in the header to fill in the filter, if the search field is to the right of the drop-down, the filter "auto...
  13. was looking at examples at:

    hideMode:'offsets' in the defaults{} of the tabPanel seems to fix the problem... However, I still think this is probably a bug...
  14. one odd thing i did accidentally figure out: If the form is in a viewport and you resize the window, it "fixes" the fields (at least until the next edit/cancel). I've tried firing the resize event on...
  15. I tried in both beforetabchange and tabchange listeners:

    newTab.doLayout(false, true);
    tabPanel.doLayout(false, true);
  16. Thanks for the suggestion, however it doesn't make a difference... I even used doLayout(false, true) to do non-shallow and force the layout even if hidden.
  17. Still having the issue, I have tried scattering forceLayout:true and deferredRender:false in various places with no luck.

    Below is a self contained example... when it loads, click each of the 4...
  18. Hi,
    I have a page with a form that utilizes a tabpanel to separate groups of fields. All of the fields in the form are initially set to readOnly. I toggle the readOnly for all the fields via...
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    Thanks for your reply.

    Technically it works... to an extent. However, I ran into a case where because each tab declares "var myNS = ...", I'm getting some cases where things are pointing to the...
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    The API documentation says that Ext.namespace() returns the namespace object... can I do something like this:
    var myNS = Ext.namespace('');
    myNS.myStore = new{});...
  21. After spending a couple hours getting this to work on my own... I came here and searched...
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    Well, using afterlayout on the panel was firing every time the panel was displayed... guess thats why it fired twice in my initial tests...
    changed the listener to: afterlayout: { fn: function(c,...
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    ugh, about a minute after posting that I realized why... Quictips was not init'ed yet... moved quicktips init before the viewport creation in my onReady() fn, and it works in either the...
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    Hi, I just wanted to add 2 things:
    1) If you are not using the "mini" collapse mode, add the green part to show the tooltip on the expand tool in the "normal" collapsed region.
    2) I'm curious as to...
  25. I was in a similar situation a few months ago and did a lot of research on the various available frameworks. I have a strong programming background, however I had not specifically had a cause to use...
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