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  1. :) Single column is not a solution (the items are automatically generated and there is no chance to tell the exact count)
  2. Hello guys,
    how to avoid the effect below.
    I mean how to tell the checkboxgroup to be auto-resized so that the red-colored boxLabel caption to appear on the right of the checkbox?

    May be with...
  3. Still no ideas?
    Is that so complicated issue?
  4. UPDATE #3:

    just to illustrate this - i created a fiddle.
    It consist of a simple override (which adds an afterrender listener to the Ext.form.field.Base). The listener itself sets the autocomplete...
  5. UPDATE #2:
    Digging within the issue - i simply replaced all occurences of the autocomplete="off" with autocomplete="on" within my ext-all-debug.js.

    All my fields are rendered with autocomplete=on...
  6. UPDATE:
    The lack of the <form> tag is not the reason for this behaviour.

    For example, this simple code is working without any problems:

    <!DOCTYPE html>
  7. Need to refresh this thread again - my 'autocomplete'-set fields still does not work as expected.

    I noticed, that the ExtJS form panels do not actually create any <form> tags.

    Could this be a...
  8. That's the answer i was waiting for - and especially the paragraph after the code snipped.
    That 'SomeClassName' part was not clear to me and i was thinking i MUST use it which means i have to change...
  9. Well Mr. Roldan,
    thanks for your attention.

    Just checked the fiddle, and its a neat way to implement the tooltips (but it is not working with the 4.x branch - at least in the fiddle).

    For what...
  10. Hello, don't know if it is discussed somewhere before, so i decided to ask for your suggestions.

    Well, one of the things that irritates me a lot in the framework, is the lack of support for...
  11. And browsing around, i feel this is a common misunderstanding across unexperienced Ext users like me.
    Where in the docs can we read about the logic of the inheritance?
  12. Evant, you mean like this (check the updated fiddle):

    Ext.define('app.Grids.Stores.gridTreeStore', {
    extend: '',
    storeId: 'reportStore',
  13. Well guys,
    i'm not sure if this is a bug or an expected behaviour, but look at this fiddle:


    What is within:
    1. Definitions for 2 models - 'app.Reports.Models.model-1' and...
  14. Replies
    A simple question:
    If a gridpanel is destroyed (using the destroy method), will this mean that it's columns are also destroyed?
  15. Yeah, i can see that....
    Another important thing to remember is that closing the window DOES NOT destroy the loader and if you forget to destroy it upon window's close - you will finish with an...
  16. :) Tried (within the fiddle) using all the versions above 4.2, including the two from the 5.0.0 branch and the result is the same.

    You can see it yourself - just click the Open in Fiddle link
  17. Hi guys,
    please, take a look at this fiddle:

    direct url:


    It produces a simple modal window, which is configured with a loader config.
  18. Hi, i have a simple window, which is loading its contents automatically like this:

    Ext.define('app.COMPONENTS.appVideoPlayer', {
    extend: 'Ext.window.Window',
  19. Same message to me with FF30 / Aurora 32 / Firebug 2.0 / ExtJS 4.2.1

    Appears on a page with a simple centered login window
  20. Yes Phil,
    both .js files's code is wrapped within Ext.onReady().

    I'm starting to think that a little Ext.defer is needed when opening the window....
    Will try these days...
  21. Well that's correct and worked in the fiddle.

    In my real app, however, i have an index.html start page, which contains scripts in the following order:

    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"...
  22. Ouch - the same error appears when i tried to put this code in a fiddle:


    launch it and see the console.

    It works with 5.0.0, but not with any of the 4.x branch

    I'm really unable to...
  23. Of course, Scott.
    The /examples/ux/layout/Center.js is loaded normally (before it is used) and in fact, the error goes away when i comment the line

    layout: ''

    Another point that is...
  24. Hi guys, anyone able to help with this code:

    var adWindow = Ext.create('Ext.window.Window',
    maximized: true,closable: false, resizable: false, draggable: false,
  25. Can you please tell me if the clone() method of the will clone the parentNode property also?

    With Ext 4.2.1 it will not or i'm missing something?
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