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    Hi, I need to use a facebook like button iframe in my Android App...if I use this code I see it on my PC Desktop but I don't see anything in Android.

    Do you know why and if exist a method to...
  2. I find the error....I don't know if is a bug.
    The problem is the Destroy....I used the destroy to cancel a button after 20 seconds...
    Now I resolved using remove.
    Thank you Mitchell
  3. With this App I take a photo with the android camera and after, if the user wants, he can publish it on facebook. After the publish in facebook automatically the app go another time to the android...
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    Hi, I have a problem with a facebook like button.
    In the facebook developer, facebook give us 3 differents methods to integrate the like button in our app. In this example I use all the 3 methods.
  5. ok, grazie
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    Hi, when I launch my app I do a basic function. Inside the function there is an If.

    If this If command = yes, I need to create a Container and I need to insert it into specific existent other...
  7. I have a problem. how I can control an idle or session timeout on sencha architect?
    I Try to explain my problem. The user will access the app (login) . If he does not use the app for 10 minutes the...
  8. Ok, you have reason.
    The user will access the app (login) . If he does not use the app for 10 minutes the app will do the logout . in a few words if he tap or move something in the app not anything...
  9. Hi, Do you how I can control an idle or session timeout on sencha architect?
    Thank you.
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    Hi, I have a facebook like button Url and I want to execute it automatically:
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    I have resolved
  12. thank you
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    Hi, in sencha touch Forum I received an aid from Mitchel (thank you). His reply is to add in my button a Touchstart and Touchevent function, but, I don't understand how.... In the button config if I...
  14. Thank you very much...just a question, how can I added a event tap on my button. Do I have to copy this code inside it?

    element : 'element',
    touchstart : function()...
  15. I'm sorry, It's Ok...I Had Forgotten var longerThan10Seconds = false; The problem is that longerThan10Seconds is never equal to true.....even if I decrease the time
  16. Thank you, I think is perfect...just a last aid....with you code I receive this error:

    ReferenceError: longerThan10Seconds is not defined
  17. Ok You have reason.
    I Have a button. If I tap this button for 10 seconds I will do a logout, else If I tap the button less than 10 seconds I will open a container.

    If TapButton >10 seconds
  18. Yes, there is also in sencha touch....but if I understand is only to defer. Is it ok? If no and If I can Decide on the time can you write me a little example?
    Thank you
  19. Hi, I have an Event Tap on a button called "Public". Is it possible for you to capture on the same button an other event after I have pressed the button for 10 seconds?
    The first Event (OnTap) open...
  20. I've found the issue. I'm using Architect and even if you remove content from idProperty in the model config, it stays there...with it...localStorage doesn't work. It is sufficient to put a blank ' '...
  21. I don't understand the function....Can I give you a part of code with a file zip?
  22. I already tried....doesn't function...have you other ideas....
  23. Hi, I have this problem...I want to save Username and Password into localstorage for all the next accesses. The localstorage saves data immediately and I can work with it but at the next access I...
  24. I Josh, Thank for your help. I Install the cordova plugin and after I insert your example code:

    but I received this error:
    FB is not defined

    I tried to use before your code to use:

  25. No for this plugin...but I have used yet an other plugin (camera) and function perfectly.
    Now I would to use also the facebook plugin but i don't know after the code to insert in sencha....Do you...
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