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  1. edspencer's patch worked for me, but note you also need another method on

    getAssociatedDataRoot: function(data, associationName) {
    return data[associationName];

  2. I'm working on this server with Fredric and I fixed this problem. In case anyone else gets this, the problem was that I installed an outdated version of Compass (0.8.17) from chriseppstein-compass...
  3. Sounds like a bug, have you reported it to the Webkit people?

    Is your problem just with Google Maps? If image loading in general is the problem, I've seen it suggested that using background-image...
  4. The CSS is pretty simple unless you need scrolling, in which case you'll need to override some behavior.

    ul.x-tab-strip li,
    ul.x-tab-strip li.x-tab-edge
    float: right;
  5. Have you tried explicitly emptying the cache (CTRL+SHIFT+DEL)?
  6. IE9 beta doesn't have the DOM Range method createContextualFragment.

    Here's the patch I'm using to fix this at the moment:

    if ((typeof Range !== "undefined") &&...
  7. This looks great!
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