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    Sorry, didn't look at the example that close ...
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    Workaround doesn't really work,
    try to add a second record and select - it`s still broken ....

    Seriously, 5.1 seems to be far from usable as long as there are Bugs like this in it`s Core...
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    For those evaluating alternatives:

    You should read this, seems that telerik will be acquired by progress:

    Maybe also Sencha...
  4. Sorry, I should have noticed before, queryMode: 'local' in the combo`s config does the trick. Completely missed this ...

    Anyway, strange behaviour that is maybe not exactly right.

  5. See here:

    Seen in 4.2.1 + latest 5.x release, just switch framework version.

    Quite simple Example, on first click on the button the record`s disabled...
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    Is there a way to get it running on a sandboxed version of Ext, e.g. Ext4, where css-classes are prefixed with .x4-, too ?
  7. Thanks,
    b.t.w., i found the same issue/bug on the tab-reorderer happen.

    After nearly 2 days I found a (probably quite ugly) solution for my scenarios by replacing big parts of of the BoxReorderer...
  8. It`s not possible to sort accordion-items in a list-style when the containing panel is fixed height, if no height is set it works fine.

    In my Application i have something similar (way more...

    Imho a gridcolumn also should have a reference to the grid itself, or at least the view it belongs to.
  10. When in apply a summaryRenderer to a 'numbercolumn' scope within the summaryRenderer function is the column, when i do the same in a 'gridcolumn' scope is the gridpanel.

    ExtJS 4.2.1
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    I use this:

    Ext.override(Ext.layout.container.Accordion ,{
    beforeRenderItems: function (items) {
    var me = this,
    owner = me.owner,
    ln = items.length,
  12. tide SDK seems to be the successor of Titanium

    You could also have a look at brackets-shell what is based on CEF3, quite well maintained and (obviously) under MIT licence.
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    Yes, obviously this should do the trick. But also brings one more Override to check after library updates - what i`d like to avoid ....
  14. Hi Gary,
    thanks, this looks like a problem with the webworkers used for code-hint in type-mirror, so it shouldn't be located in the CEF implematation of the shell.

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    As there is no and i`m not very happy with the solutions this type of association can be handled at the moment i would like to implement this my own for a more...
  16. Hello,
    i`m considering to deploy my app together with brackets-shell to the desktop instead of giving classic web-based access for users. There are several reason, but mainly i`m fed up with...
  17. On some of the screens the UI looks quite familiar ....
  18. you could also try this:

    layout: {
    type: 'accordion',
    fill: false,
    titleCollapse: false,
    expandedItem: -1
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    Accordion Layout is broken when rendered inside another Panel.
    There is a Bug when expanding Panels.

    See Example here:

    The same example works in 4.1.1 (made a...
  20. There seems to be some strange behaviour on the accordion-layout when nested in another panel.
    Please have a look at this simple example that breaks it completely on 4.2.1 when expanding/collapsing...
  21. No proxy in my network, just a router
  22. has this issue been fixed on the latest Build?

    I`m evaluating an Upgrade from an older Designer to the current Architect and have to use the Windows Version in a VM at the moment :((
  23. I spent some hours on the topic of missing CRUD Events on models, this is what i got so far:
    (changes in Bold)

    Ext.override(,{ inheritableStatics: {
    load: function(id,...
  24. A connector for Adobe Air / ExtJS 4 would also be my favourite.
    But it doesn't look like there is any working with 4.x :(
  25. I have exactly the same question.
    Single Developer, and I'm interested mainly in getting more Information about Desktop packaging (will it be possible to use native Print System/silent Printing)...
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