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  1. Hi lads,

    Found one for you.

    1. Create new empty project ExtJS 4.2.X
    2. Add new "class" to views
    3. Change extend property in property inspector from Ext.Base to Ext.draw.Component
    4. Confirm...
  2. Oh, so true :-D Sorry for off topic. Thanks million for the post.
  3. Hi Folks, does not load nested associated data when save method is performed because method doesn't do deep clone.

    This override fixed it. Tested with...
  4. Hi Folks,

    Ext.View.Table does not refresh columns when on model instance already existing in store is performed as changedFieldNames in shouldUpdateCell method is null.

  5. Bump ...
  6. Hi sencha team,

    In SA2.1 I can not set the custom config property to use with config system (this.initConfig()) in Extjs 4.1.

    It is completly legal and I don't understand the reason why is this...
  7. Yes please. Thanks.
  8. Thanks,

    Same results with master / slave..

    And I have found this.

    Focus on this:
  9. Unfortunately not.

    ExtJS 4.1.1 without proxy defintition fails with

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'indexOf' of undefined (in method urlAppend)

    as mentioned above.

  10. Hi folks,

    I need a little help. I can't retrieve belongsTo associated model when using memory proxy.

    EDIT : This is ExtJS 4.1.1 behaviour. In ST example works as expected. But in 2.0.1...
  11. + 1 Extjs 4.1.1 same issue.
  12. Dependency Injection and Inversion of control.
  13. Hi lads,

    It is possible to make controllers configurable same way as views, stores and models in application config ? I need to use lazy instantiation and i can't get rid of them in SA2.

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    This is happening to me very often when I'm creating / editing overriddes. Cursor won't follow the click. I have to use arrows to navigate. Ubuntu 12.04 64b.
  15. +1
  16. +1

    Architect Build tested:
    Build: 442

    Project Type: ExtJS 4.x Touch 2.x

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  19. Hello,

    I've found another two issues.


    I can't find the dataMap config variable in config explorer for Ext.dataview.component.DataItem component and I can't add it as custom property...
  20. But basicaly something like this.

    Ext.define('MyApp.view.SomeWindow', {
    extend: 'Ext.Window',
    alias: 'widget.myAppViewSomeWindow',

    config: {
    myCustomVariable : null
  21. Thanks for answer.
    I will put something togheter this weekend.
  22. Hi Lads,

    I'm using architect and i need to let class system create the setters and geters for config properties with null value. But in architect I can't create property with value null at all. If...
  23. +1
  24. Ok,
    I have found what's wrong. I was adding the variable as key[space]:[space]value. This is apparently not valid input. It works without spaces key:value 100%.

    But I would suggest some nicer...
  25. Thanks,

    It is very strange it is happening under OSX too, no matter if I'm using Sencha Touch or ExtJS. It started happening since I've updated to Build 353. Now I'm running 355 but still same...
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