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    Don't know if anyone else has posted this yet but the ReactJS from Facebook looks interesting:

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    I used to be such an avid promoter of Sencha Touch to developers I'd meet at all the meetups I attend. Now I'm just too ashamed to even mention it :-(
  3. Hi Jason,thanks for the pointer :-) I like using the itemTpl editor in Sencha Architect as it makes it easy to spot mistakes and add template functions. So I kept my template in the lists itemTpl...
  4. Hi Jason,thanks for the pointer :-) I like using the itemTpl editor in Sencha Architect as it makes it easy to spot mistakes and add template functions. So I kept my template in the lists itemTpl...
  5. I'm trying to set a scope variable on the itemTpl in an Ext.dataview.List in architect 3.0 Does anyone know how to do this? I can add a scope property on the itemTpl but it seems to convert 'this' to...
  6. Hi fmoseley

    requiring Ext.viewport.Viewport did the trick. Thanks :D

  7. Setting viewport autoMaximize to true In ST 2.3 and CMD 4.0 build throws runtime error 404 /src/viewport/Viewport.js file not found.

    Steps to produce:

    1. Generate empty app (sencha generate)
  8. I'm getting the same issue on the iPhone 5. I found that even though a bookmarked app on IOS6 uses a webview control it doesn't have the same system access privileges as a webview control embedded in...
  9. Hello,

    basically I copied Sencha's implementation of and modified to handle custom callback names to create MyProject.util.JsonP. Then I use my custom implementation to call the...
  10. Giving sencha native build the flick as this issue doesn't appear with Phonegap.
  11. Hi,

    I'm using Sencha build to build an iPhone native app. After re-loading a session via my logout function window.location.reload(); or window.location.href= window.location.href I loose all...
  12. bump :)
  13. Hi David,

    I don't use the data stores in my application, at the moment I access my data directly using or Ext.Ajax.request and render the results to a template.

  14. Hi Mitchell,

    the panel class TestApp.test.TemplatedData is created as a singleton because I only want one instance of the class accessible throughout the application. I also made the main panel...
  15. Hi Mitchell,

    thanks for looking at this. There's a jQuery plugin that also achieves this: I've been using this technique for a few years now with no...
  16. Hello Sencha,

    I've got a singleton view class extending a panel with a template. Upon the painted event of the initial data load I'm able to use Ext.get to obtain a reference to and update a HTML...
  17. Hi Sencha,

    firstly congratulations on doing a great job with Sencha Touch 2. The framework is quite amazing.

    I noticed that when specifying the callbackName property of the
  18. Hi Mitchell,

    I've tested this in Chrome, Safari and mobile Safari. All work with no problems. My data is pretty straight forward but if anyone has needs to escape/encode text or JSON values then...
  19. Hi all,

    just thought I'd post a technique I use to pass data to an event listener on an XTemplate.


    tpl : new Ext.XTemplate(
    '<img class="ImageClass"...
  20. Hi guys, stopped using the sencha stores and just wrote my own JSON serializer/de-serializer to local storage.

    Here are my utility methods:

    saveData : function(key, data,...
  21. Hi all,

    I found a solution to this issue. An Ext.XTemplate has an append method which will append parsed output to a target html element.

    Here's the working code to append items to a templated...
  22. Hi chwagssd,

    thanks for the tip. That worked for me too!


  23. Hi all,

    I'm not sure if this behaviour is by design or a bug but when I update a stored record/item the item key seems to repeatedly append to the indexer value.

    To update a record/stored item...
  24. Hi all,

    I have a templated Ext.Panel that gets updated from an array of JSON items using the .update(items) method of the Ext.Panel. This is all working fine.

    I would like to append/add new...
  25. Hi all,

    I have set up a data store with a data model set to localStoreage and I would like to delete all items/records. My application is running locally under file://

    Here is my code:
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