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  1. Thanks, that did help me look in the right direction. I had the reference but the alias:"main" was not set on the navigationview which is what I was using for the reference. I also change up the code...
  2. I'm trying to just push a panel view into a navigationview using a controller which is listening for a tap of a button. When i code this by hand i can use the code below in the controller and it...
  3. Thanks for the hint. The problem i was having was with the reference. After figuring out how the reference is done it works now. I had to do it this way "store = Ext.getStore('MyJsonStore');". Thanks...
  4. I'm a noob here trying to figure out how to search a list in sencha architect 2 using MVC. I'm assuming that I would have to make the search listen for onkeyup event but I'm stuck on how to search...
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