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  1. What about PATH variables? How do you manage that?
  2. I have to use cmd 4 with Architect 3 for production. Can I have cmd 5 and somehow switch between them?
    If not, what's the best alternative? What do you guys use?
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    Valid JSON is critical in software where Sencha apps are just a (small) part of a more complex build. For example our software release is a mixture of C, C++, C#, F#, NodeJS, PHP, Python and...
  4. Absolutely! Please add this!
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    I had the same requirement and decided to use library with bullet plugin. It appears to mix safely with ExtJS 4.x
    Include the library, css and plugin files and add a container like...
  6. yes, you need a commercial license of sencha complete or at least sencha touch bundle
  7. This is how I solved localization of my ExtJS applications created using Sencha Architect 2.x and 3.x. One of the drawbacks when using Architect is that you cannot define dynamic property in config...
  8. Jason,

    thank you for your reply,

    re.3) Indeed it looks like a bug, happens when you build Production app. I've attached sample SA2 app and converted to SA3. In index.html you can see:
  9. After upgrading my Extjs 4.2/Architect 2.x project to Architect 3 and enabling build tools, I have the following issues:

    1. In project settings > Framework, I have set license to Sencha...
  10. Hi,
    I have following two components:

    extend: 'Ext.Container',
    xtype: 'baseview',
  11. did you add "requires": ["sencha-touch-grid"] to app.json?
  12. Once more, just to be clear. This works with cmd 4.0 and touch 2.3:

    Copy the sencha-touch-grid folder from touch/packages to your app/packages folder

    Add a require to your app.json:...
  13. fmoseley,
    thank you, that worked!
  14. I have sencha cmd installed at c:\Users\dev1\bin\Sencha\Cmd\\
    sencha touch sdk including sencha-touch-grid package at d:\svn\www\lib\js\touch230\
    generated app at...
  15. Unfortunately I don't have enough time to identify which code actually causes the leaks. I can only do my best to help all of us fixing this problem by providing test cases and a workaround without...
  16. I create real-time reporting and monitoring applications using ExtJS, so it is crucial for me to fix this. As I suspected, there are two separate issues here:

    1. ExtJS uses Douglas Crockford's...
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    Use regular rowbody and rowwrap features and include these CSS rules:

    .x-grid-row .x-grid-rowbody { display: none !important; }
    .x-grid-row-selected .x-grid-rowbody { display: block !important;...
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    I see that in ExtJS 4 there are divs instead of ul in markup. Setting the widths could be done by hooking into, but could you help out with the proper CSS?
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    is it possible to display tabs in tabpanel in multiple rows instead of scrolling them horizontally? It's more usable if there are many tabs with long headers.

  20. Sencha Devs, have you gotten anywhere with this one? I suspect there may actually be two issues, one with record id's and another with reader. And yes, it's still present in Ext JS 4.x.
  21. Hi,

    in a grid with RowEditor i have a column:

    xtype: 'gridcolumn',
    dataIndex: 'name',
    text: 'Name',
    editor: {
  22. why not use https?
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    Mitchell, thanks for your reply.

    The id is parsed properly because this

    properly returns the mentioned integer.

    I'm just trying to understand what's the point of...
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    I have a Model named 'Company' with idProperty pointing to an integer field. I noticed that

    gives me e.g. 'Company-1' instead of just '1'.

    In Ext JS 4 source i see that in...
  25. Please have a look at
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