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  1. Hallo
    I have a hasMany association between RecipeModel and IngredientModel, named "ingredients".
    User can choose a recipe and put it in the cart, and then customizes the recipe removing ingredients...
  2. hallo numbskull and thank you for replying. I'll try the recipe similarity, to keep things simple and deblur my post. Let's say i have these:

    children = ingredients
    parents = recipes
    The flow:...
  3. Hallo, I'm thinking about the best sustainable way for this flow:
    given a set of child items, parent items are known combinations of them;
    screen1: list of parent items, selectable: selected...
  4. Replies
  5. Replies
    I recently installed a trial of Architect 3 and created a small testing app, which I previewed through an existing webserver (not using Cmd).
    Since then, when I call localhost:1841 I find it...
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