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  1. Any progress on workaround for the problem? Is the test case any help?
  2. Maybe this will be a help for you:

    public class RpcComboBoxWithButtonField extends MultiField<BeanModel> {
    private final Button button = new Button("Add", AppConstants.ICONS.getAddIcon());...
  3. I assembled simple test case:

    and received CCE

    at java.lang.Class.cast(
  4. Sorry, I forgot about Paymet definition, here it is

    Full definition of Payment class


    import java.util.Date;
  5. Template:

    private static native String getTemplate() /*-{
    var container1 = 'float:left; width:100%; position:relative; right:60%; background-color:#e0e7ff; border-right: 1px dotted #000;';
  6. After upgrading GXT from version 2.1.1 to 2.2.1 for GWT 1.7.1 I'm getting ClassCastException after calling Xtemplate.applyTemplate(JSO). Moreover, I can't see any difference in widget behavior except...
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    I suppose you can override
    onKeyPress(final FieldEvent fe) check the length of typed text and use to block typing when user reaches 12th character.

    Another way to achieve similar result is to...
  8. Solution provided by sven in post worked perfectly in GXT 2.1.1.

    Since I have...
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    Thank you for satisfying my curiosity.
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    Of course I can do this on server and in fact on many occasions I prefer remote sorting.
    I currently find out that using

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    In my project I created a BeanModel grid as it was shown in GXT Showcase

    but when I set default sort [store.setDefaultSort(field, SortDir)] field I...
  12. After upgrading to GXT 2.2.0 Beta when I call in my code show() method from Window class I'm getting
    java.lang.NullPointerException: null
  13. Attached translation contains missing rowEditor properties such as rowEditor_dirtyText and rowEditor_tipTitleText.
  14. In my application I use grid with store data loaded by RPC proxy.

    private final BeanModelReader beanReader = new BeanModelReader();
    private final UserProxy proxy = new UserProxy();
    private final...
  15. I need to create grid with checkbox in first column with grouping and summary enabled.

    I was trying to do so by combining Check Grouping example with Live Group Summary example form GXT Demo. At...
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