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  1. Well, we had the same issue and we have 2 alternatives:
    1) We hash the credentials of the user using the application with a "session nonce" created on the server. So, everything the user start the...
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    Hi People,

    Here is a running production version of Axxerion Mobile... developed using Sencha Framework.
    We have made also a PhoneGap wrap (with only 10 extra lines of code) to have a native iOS...
  3. Is there any way to display within a panel a multipage pdf which can be easily scrolled/zoomed ?
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    Chrome ?
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    I do this on my CSS file

    .x-list-group-items > div:nth-child(odd){background-color:<your color>;}
  7. Is there any possibility to specify the format the times are displayed? the default is H:M AM/PM... , but what about 24 hours format?

    Also, how do i specify the start/end hour of the day/week...
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    Hi Guys,
    I have been trying to plain around with a kind of list-details panel: a kind of "hbox" panel, where the top item has
    is the list of items (Ext.List object), and the bottom item are the...
  9. The trick is on creating a "tel" anchor...

    Ext.form.PhoneField = Ext.extend(Ext.form.Text, {
    inputType : 'tel',
    phoneClss: 'axx-telephone',
    initComponent : function() {...
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    How can problem 1 be solved temporarily?
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  12. Hi Guys,
    I really love the work you are doing on Sencha...
    Today, i went from 0.97 to 0.99... and surprise:
    - the whole style of my app is gone... and I really don't have time to figure out what...
  13. This is a known bug... refer to
  14. nice... thanks it works...
  15. Hi,
    On 0.94 it was not a problem... but, since 0.96, a search field on the toolbar is not being nicely rendered (see image)
    What is the issue here?
  16. I have been experimenting the same problems with the localStorage since 0.96... i don't know about 0.95, but on 0.94 everything was working fine... and now it seems that the framework is having...
  17. In 0.96... update and removes are not working properly...
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    it is not a kind of good choice for such a serious project... however... i have my own extra .css where i just did

    .x-fullscreen, .x-list { background-image:...
  19. Ok guys,.... even letting sencha generating its own id's the whole Store thing is not working properly... i keep getting all this NaN in the index... very randomly...
  20. The problem seems to be located on the WebStorageProxy, in the method getIds... where the ids are being parsed to int...

    ids[i] = parseInt(ids[i], 10);
  21. I also did notice that when the idProperty of my Model is not an numeric value... the store.getById(value) is throwing an exception...
  22. Very simple..

    Create a store..

    var store = new{
    model: 'MyModel',
    proxy: {
    type: 'localstorage',
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    Hi Simon,

    Nice app... love it...
    I have 2 questions... or perhaps you can help me on this:
    1) You have an input field which jumps to a auto complete screen... how did you do that ?
    2) You also...
  24. Hi Guys, after my own experience with ExtJS itself and as Evan pointed in his link... patterns are discovered based on experienced and needs... and MVC is the well known standard..., so, in my...
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    Performance is quite good... data (json) is being loaded on demand... the app logic and resources are being cached... and also common data such us menus and common functions are cached on the storage...
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