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  1. HAS THIS BEEN FIXED? 8 months? really?
  2. What is the status?
  3. STILL A BUG!!!
  4. Im having a problem that seems to be a recurring issue.

    I have created a bunch of different classes using Ext.define();

    For example, lets call this ext-app-min.js

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    Would be cool to have ext theme rebuilt based on these icons.

    Has anyone built the EXTJS theme with grunt?

    I find it overall much easier to use then Sencha CMD. Besides the fact that sencha CMD...
  6. call setEditor inside get editor with the xtype you want to use for that specific cell.

    var format=record.get('metadata');
  7. There is no way to reconfigure a lockable grid....
  8. Any Progress?

    Is there a way that we can see what bugs are outstanding? Management is pushing for us to explain ourselves. Can somebody get in contact with me and send out a list?
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    Where do I put skip.sass=1?

    I am sick of waiting for the css to run after the first time, or when I dont need it to. Just want to compile the darn thing.

    should i not do sencha app build?
  10. Im still getting this error

    if (!Parent.$isClass) {
    for (i in basePrototype) {
    if (!parentPrototype[i]) {
    parentPrototype[i] =...
  11. Hello,

    Im just trying to create a couple mixins for a grid panel, to seperate out my code into easier to read sections.

  12. I have a new sencha project, which is saved as


    my url for my store is ../api/List/getAccts

    When I click "preview" in architect, it loads chrome, and navigates to
  13. Im still having the problem with
  14. I'm having a problem with the grid in Internet Explorer. I have a cell that is editable in my grid. The cell is only visible if you scroll the grid to the right...

    When I click on ANY cell, once I...
  15. This is still happening in IE 9

    When you have the grid scrolled to the right (horizontally), and you click in a cell, you can see it reset the scroll and then sometimes it scrolls right again.
  16. Ok that helped a bit.

    Next issue.

    If you collapse the first group, then try and select a row, it doesnt highlight it. If you then expand the first group again, you will see it highlighted....
  17. ok so i actually had to put hideMode:'offsets' on the grid itself, and that fixes the issue of the data disappearing.

    Now lets move to next issue.

    When you collapse/expand a group, the grid i...
  18. Hello,

    Using the build ext- navigate to examples/grid/buffer-grid.html.

    Change the code a bit so that it renders a viewport with tabs.


  19. Thanks I got it working. One last question....

    I am putting my project into an ASP MVC solution.

    My MVC Project is called FVM, as is my EXTJS application. The folder structure looks like so..
  20. This is still not working. It is making a relative reference to dynamically load my files. Do i need to run some sencha cmd so that bootstrap has my files?

    I dont understand why CMD isnt...
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    OK I figured it out.

    before loading the tree panel


    after loading
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    Is there a way to reload a treestore without having each node fire a removeNode() event?

    I would like to clear the entire store, and then refresh the data. It does work, but it takes about...
  23. Im having some trouble with my app and compiling it with CMD.

    I followed these instructions to build a new project after I had already created an architexct project.
  24. Look at http://localhost/extjs/ext-!/api/Ext.state.CookieProvider

    You really have 2 methods, get and set to be concerned with.

    set is called when the state changes,...
  25. You have an extra comma in your panel class... Might have bad effects, but you could just do

    You should really...
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