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  1. Is there a way to add HTTPOnly to cookie created by Extjs?

    To make cookie created by Extjs secure i can add Ext.state.CookieProvider({secure : true}) but how to add HTTPOnly flag to the cookie?
  2. never mind..i got it. Thanks.
  3. oops sorry!! that was such a silly question i asked...i've got it. Thanks.
  4. i'm using startAutoRefresh to refresh grid every n seconds and when my grid refreshes every n seconds it shows grayed loading layer. Can i disable that grayed loading layer when grid refreshes. I...
  5. Is there a way not to show grayed loading layer when grid auto refreshes? My gridview refreshes every n second and i don't want grayed loading layer appear when my grid reloads.
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    I'm having issue populating value to codemirror editor. Based on combox value i have to fill codemirror editor. But by using Ext.getCmp('codemirrorid').setValue(x) or ...
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    Oh is there a way to add keypress to codemirror?
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    I need to add keypress listener to the codemirror. I've done like this but nothing happens:

    xtype: 'ux-codemirror',
    codeMirrorPath: 'path_to_codemirror_on_server',
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