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  1. I'm trying to detect whether a nested list is at the top level.

    I tried to check the visible status of the back button on the activeItemChange event, but this only seems to work at the first...
  2. OK. For anyone else trying to simply change the text of the icon when you select "Add to home screen" from Safari:

    Add the following to the meta tags in index.html:
  3. Thanks, Jerome. I tried that, but it didn't work. I suspect it would work for the Android home icon, but it doesn't in iOS.
  4. We have multiple versions of the same app. Mostly branding differences.
    In iOS, when adding the app to the home screen, it takes the name of the app as set in app.js, and makes that the shortcut...
  5. That worked! Thank you so much.
  6. I'm trying to display a video when a user clicks a button. The issue I'm having is that, although the audio plays successfully, you cannot see the video component (you just get a black screen), until...
  7. For the sake of other people coming across this issue, we have found the answer.

    It has been addressed in this bug report (which wasn't summarily and cryptically dismissed):...
  8. Well, just like the Sencha documentation, your answer was brief, and contained little useful information.

    Can you tell me what more you need than adding ONE line to the kitchen sink example? I...
  9. I don't understand. I've added one line to the Kitchen sink example. Is that what made it "overnesting"?

    To reproduce, you add that one line to the kitchen sink example.

    Ext version tested:

    Sencha Touch. 2.1.0
    Browser versions tested against:

    Google Chrome Version 24.0.1312.52
    DOCTYPE tested against:
  11. I have a nested list in my MVC application. Part of the template (getItemTextTpl) needs to be translated according to the current language.
    This requires dynamically changing (or over-riding) the...
  12. Replies
    Oh well. As Sencha provides no usable documentation, and I can find nothing on the Internet, I'm having to treat the nested list as a dumb component, and simply filtering at the back-end with a...
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    Thanks, Mitchell. I'm not sure I understand your answer fully, but, I have just iterated through the node list for the nested list, and removed the items that I want to filter out.

    I have tested...
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    This should be a quick question: When filtering the store from which a nested list gets its data, should the nested list update automatically? I can't see any kind of refresh, or reload function.
  15. Ugh. Found the problem. It's that in the controller that initially shows this view, I am creating a new instance of the view, but I'm not hiding and destroying this view properly.

    Therefore, a new...
  16. I have an MVC application. The controller listens to the "show" event, and translates some text on the view - setting labels for buttons, and titles for toolbars. I have written a custom class to do...
  17. Yes. I realised this. Hence the hack. My question was whether this is the best way to conserve resources (by destroying un-needed components).

    Also, we're ignoring the elephant in the room. Why on...
  18. Thanks, Mitch.

    For the pages in question, I have a controller for each view. The controller is listening to the "show" event.

    On the show event, I'm calling a function to translate the page:
  19. Some more info:
    What's happening is that, inside the controller, I have a function (called on the related view show event), which translates the page. This event seems to be being fired at any time...
  20. I'm assuming I'm not adhering to the best practice here. Here's my scenario:

    I have a container view, which contains a few views concerning login (login, forgot password, support, etc...).

  21. Fixed it. I removed the reference to the store in the view config, and, in the launch function of the controller, dynamically created the store, bound it to the selectfield, then selected the value....
  22. Thanks guys. Unfortunately, neither of those suggestions did anything.

    Haduki: I tried your changes. It does enter your code block, but does nothing when it gets there.
    I have tried logging the...
  23. I have a selectfield component that is auto-populated from a store (which makes a JSON call).

    It is laid out in MVC architecture, and all I'm trying to do is select one of the items in the list....
  24. Thanks, Haduki. So, from the fact that you're always using the "listeners", do I understand that I can't use the "handler" configuration at all?

    I like the idea of setting the handler, and this is...
  25. Thanks. I understand that "this" in that context refers to the window object. However, I have tried all ways, with, or without. That was just defaulted back to the sample code that I was using as an...
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