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    Your best bet is to use createAlias - which is documented here: -- that should set...
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    Generally, the Ext.ux.* classes are not fully supported. However, I can tell you that the forthcoming version of Architect, 3.1, does support RowExpander! It should be out very soon. If for some...
  3. Manish,

    Sorry for the delay on response, we're hard at work on Architect 3.1 in addition to trying to keep up here!

    I'm trying to think of a clever (but clean) workaround for this bug for...
  4. I believe you may also need to move your script above app.js if your application requires it. We will be offering an option to control that via Architect in the next version also. Lastly, please be...
  5. Manish, are you able to send me your project so I can have a look at it? If so, please email to AT sencha dot com - thanks!
  6. my apologies for the confusion, I think the option you actually need is x-compile, not x-bootstrap. This option has been added for the next release of Architect. In the meantime the workaround will...
  7. sorry for the confusion here...

    you'll need to set the x-bootstrap option of your JS resource to true, this will tell Cmd to build it along with the other scripts.

    Architect 3.1 will allow even...
  8. for now you can do a custom config, but native tabbar support will be added in Architect 3.1!
  9. The .aux file for Sencha Touch Grid is included in the full Sencha Complete package , I believe it's only packaged in the full sencha complete, not the touch-complete zip download.

    If you only...
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    Well, Touch has Android/iOS-like themes, so if that's important to you, you might want to choose Touch.

    Ext5 has the new MVVM architecture -- if that's more important to you then you might want...
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    Touch and ExtJS will continue to coexist, but a lot of their core components are being brought into parity with each other.

    I can't personally speak to the long term plans of the frameworks as I'm...
  12. I already replied on your other thread, but just for clarity in case anyone lands here via google: the problem is that your class needs to extend Ext.AbstractPlugin - but if you still need the...
  13. Hmm, how are you listing your validParentTypes, exactly? Can you share your definition with us?
  14. sorry it took some time to respond here, ethraza -- it appears what you need to do is update your component to extend Ext.AbstractPlugin and then it works in Architect and doesn't crash anything. If...
  15. I will have a look at your AUX today and get back to you as soon as I'm able!
  16. It doesn't yet work with ExtJS5, but a release of Architect that includes ExtJS5 is in the works. I can't give a specific release date, but it should be some time shortly after ExtJS5 is out of beta.
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    very strange, Zac, I'm sorry you're having this problem!

    It's not clear to me whether this is an Architect issue or an issue with the Touch Grid (e.g. a framework bug?) itself, so would you mind...
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    Hi Zac,

    Can you please clarify a bit for me?

    1) What are the steps to reproduce the problem you're having, exactly? e.g. "drag out touch grid, add editable column, edit column X to have...
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    Here's a tutorial on creating an AUX:

    However, you'll need a bit more help...
  20. Alright, I have an update for you... good news and bad news...

    The good news is, you're not doing anything wrong! Also, I think your code would work fine in a browser / outside of Architect -...
  21. I'm looking at your extension now, sorry I wasn't able to sooner. I'm digging into what the problem is, and I think it's specific to touch grid and the order in which resources are loaded. I need...
  22. What version of Architect are you running, and what version of the Touch Grid package? I just tried again and it works - that generated code does render "true value" in each of the columns of a test...
  23. without more explicit detail on what sort of work you're trying to do to extend the grid, it's difficult to answer your question effectively - but I'll do my best based on some assumptions!

  24. in the config, just type your function. Replace "false" in the code editor with whatever your renderer function is, e.g.:

    function(value, record) {
    return (value) ? 'true value' : 'false...
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    When you mention you copied the 3 Azure extension files, I'm assuming you're either looking at a package that's not for architect or perhaps they're just Ext.ux.* classes - that's not going to work...
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