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  1. Whether it's fixed or not - this is a simple fix I've found for ST 2.2:

    In touch/src/dataview/list.js of your project you should change the line 837 which is this:
  2. I've searched through all releases and haven't found anything about this fix.

    Also I've tested this on on ST 2.2 - it's not fixed.

    If it can't be fixed - can you give a different approach to...
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    Hey, thanks for reply!

    That's exactly what I tried to accomplish but never succeed.

    Not I've resolved my problem with DelayedTask to take time for animation and make what you said.

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    Hello there!

    I stuck with a problem of managing views.

    This is my structure:

    models: [
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    Hello guys,

    I'm looking for a framework or something for creating a multi-platform app (Mac, Windows, iOS and Android). And I don't know if Sencha can fit my needs.

    Right know my client have an...
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