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  1. nobody able to help/Compile it?
  2. i have do all steps from
    than open cmd and the compile order.

    the result is a...
  3. hi mates,

    i have seen u have find a resulution. play_black1 video_black2

    i try to use on iconCls:"play_black1", iconCls:"video_black2"

    i follow the instructions but it didnt can compile the...
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    ahh thanks mate!
    so i know now its not my fault ;)

    yeah with Android 4.0 the Ext.Audio function works too on Android!

    letz wait ;)

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    hi mates,

    i have do a app with the function Ext.Video.

    all works fine on the Apple Series..
    but on android it open the player and the scrren is black no Video play.
    i have try many formats......
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    The Audio function works now!
    Its strange my application on iphone ipad works now with audio since IOS5 !
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    i have a problem with my audi function.
    its strage cause this works on my safarik Browser on my Desktop but it didnt work on my IPhone!
    It means i have no sound on my IPhone.
    can somebody...
  8. Hello guys,
    Im try to build a sencha touch app ;)
    Now i have some problems, but lets talk only about the first.

    i have set my

    phoneStartupScreen: 'img/phone_startup.png'
    it works fine.
  9. hello,

    I will create a application for a museum.
    The application must have arround 30 Pictures and some Informations about the Pictures.

    Im new in this region so here my first start.
  10. nobody?
  11. My Problem.

    If a toolbar has five buttons, I see on my iphone horinzontal position in only 3 of them. in a vertical position, everything is perfect. what must I do to in the horizonal position...
  12. Hello Guys,

    I have a problem with my Application.
    I wanna do a simple picture app.
    I have do the Geting started "hello worls" tut.

    here are my simple programm:

    <!DOCTYPE html>
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