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  1. The issue arises when you have for example a tree-panel in a form.
    If you then perform an "isDirty" on the form, an error is thrown;
    "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'getItems' of null". ...
  2. Good to see that this is fixed, but...
    I'm currently trying to upgrading one of our apps to 5.0 (from 4.2) .
    I'm using a trial version of ExtJS, but that's 5.0.0; how can I get a trial version of...
  3. For what it's worth;I'm currently "avoiding" this by NOT setting "hidden=true". Instead, I've set the width of the columns that are to be hidden to 0; "width=0".
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    I've experience the same thing in ExtJS 4.2;
    when looking at the HTML-source, I see that a class "x-viewport" is added to the html-tag.
    This class has got "position: static" set.
    If you disable...
  5. I've managed to solve the issue.
    All you need to do is set queryMode to 'local' in the comboBox.
  6. I'm experiencing exactly the same problem.
    Only if I 'unfold' the dropdown first, then trigger the code that fills the store again (using loadRawData), and then click the combo again to unfold it,...
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    Alas, that won't do the trick either because that would set the tooltip on the complete TD, while I want to set it on the span inside the TD (there might be several spans with a tooltip in the TD) :(
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    The thing is... I'm generating a block of html to show inside a TD (grid-cell).
    And the span is 1 part of that block of html.
    So, since there not really is an Ext-object respresenting the span, I'm...
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    Hi Guys,
    I've been searching for this for quite a while now, but can't seem to find an answer/solution anywhere.

    The problem is this;
    I've got an html-section with a qtip on it;

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    Apparently, this is caused by a browser bug (?).
    In my case, the interval used in the setTimeout-function was quite large; 6621707120
    I found out that there was a (firefox-)bug posted that calls...
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    I wanted to use the plugin to show notifications for reminders.
    Turns out that, the moment you create an instance, the popup is shown.
    Isn't it possible to create an instance, assign it to a...
  12. I was able to work around this by modifying the FilterFeature-plugin (4.1) on line 312.
    I changed

    if (!menuItem || menuItem.isDestroyed) {

    if (!menuItem || menuItem.isDestroyed ||...
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    Is there any indication of when 4.2 will be released? (or 4.1.1 final?)
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    I have a tabpanel that contains a panel, which at his turn contains a dataview.
    The aplpication starts with this tab. The first time, all is ok.
    However, when I navigate back to that first tab (the...
  15. Why is this ticket closed?
    The problem isn't resolved.

    Make a small window with a tbar-toolbar, put 10 buttons on it and set
    layout: { overflowHandler: 'Menu' } in the toolbar config.
  16. I have found something just like this from another vendor here.
    Is it already possible to create something like this in Sencha?
    Or is it on the planning maybe?
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