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  1. ExtJs is great and all, but it has plenty of competition. There are definitely alternatives, and most of them offer even more than Ext at a lower cost! I already listed some in a previous post, but...
  2. Looks like I'm among the majority who were shocked to see the price jump so high. I can't believe that I just pitched the idea of using Ext/Touch at my new job and of course they went for it. Guess...
  3. Good stuff, I already know how I'm going to try and use it ;)
  4. Great stuff, thank you!
  5. hmm I hope this isn't that dumb of a question and at least one person replies:">
  6. I've searched seemingly everywhere for something I thought would be easy.

    I would like a list of buttons from a JSON record.
    The number of items varies so I be sure of anything except maybe...
  7. In the docs for the touch grid, all the examples are broken. It was mentioned here but got kind of buried as the...
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    I second that! it would be realy helpful.
  9. +1 for autoExpand and or flex columns
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    The file is in there plain as day if you re-download the updated complete package. (Remember it's only available to people who buy the Complete or Touch Bundle.)
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    I noticed in the setup doc for Sencha Complete and when it came to ruby it just says this:

    Download Ruby.

    Windows: Download Ruby from Download the RubyInstaller .exe file...
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    Where can you find your activation key in SA2? Want to upgrade but can't find that code.
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    God that was driving me nuts, THANK YOU, now if I can get the sales team to call me as I have another company how wants to buy Sencha Complete... :)
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    I've searched high and low through my Sencha Complete and Sencha Touch Bundle as well as these forums and I cannot find a straight answer on getting this into Architect.

    I saw a forum post where...
  15. I was just curious why Sencha Animator is not in the Complete bundle. A client of mine just bought the complete bundle and was a little bummed out that Animator was not part of what they got.
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    Very cool, thanks for sharing!
  17. If we do, I won't be very happy as I was an early adopter and the product has been basically beta the entire time.


  18. thank you for this, exactly what I need at the moment!
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    Are there any plans on allowing one to edit directly in the code view?
  20. I should have read further about the designer before complaining about a feature that was already noted as not available, but I was just excited to get my hands on this thing, and just bought it as...
  21. Yeah this is a pretty big thing, I can't tell you how many times I've already hit Ctrl+Z when I'm working in the editor, it can tend to drive one nuts.
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