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  1. Ok. I guess if data is coming in without an id you could use this on your Models to control the generation of the id:!/api/
  2. You didn't specify context. That won't work that way.
    You could use a singleton to store your ref. something like:
    --First remove the 'singleton' and 'renderTo' attributes from your container.
  3. For ext to manage the models, they must have a unique identifier. If one is not supplied ext will generate an internal id. Some change in ext 5 (or some version after 4.1.1) applied the generated...
  4. This is what I do in my project without problems:

    var store = treePanel.getStore();
    scope : this,
    callback: function(records, operation, successful) {
    // Expand...
  5. Have you tried setting up the class as a singleton and reference it directly with the class name?!/api/Ext.Class-cfg-singleton
  6. I ran into this with an upgrade to 5 where my server was not expecting characters in the id attribute.
    I needed to set this on my proxy's writer:...
  7. Have you tried adding:

    queryMode : 'local'


    queryCaching : false
  8. Replies
    You could try this:

    displayField : 'code',
    listConfig: {
    getInnerTpl : function(){
    return '{code}-{text}';
  9. A workaround: wrap display field in a field container:
    For fiddle:

    items: [{
    xtype : 'fieldcontainer',
    height: 50,
    margin: "1 5 5...
  10. you could try:

    var record = grid.getSelctionModel().getSelection()[0];
    var rowIndex = grid.getStore().indexOf(record);
  11. With ext 5.0.1, accessibility was completely overhauled. Keyboard Nav and Focus are now on by default.

    Here is an example I...
  12. This might be what you are looking for:!/guide/accessibility

    Hope this helps.
  13. You need to sequentially call the store saves (the API doesn't have a method, so I'll use sync() as an example). Although the 'vice versa' part is really going to take a custom reversal...
  14. You could use the selectionchange event:!/api/Ext.grid.Panel-event-selectionchange

    The second parameter passed to this event is the selected records array. ...
  15. A couple of ideas:

    This might be what you're looking for:!/api/

    Based on your use case, I assume you could do...
  16. Do you have an example of your implementation? Are you using the store.filterBy(fn)?
    where do you have the load mask show/close calls?
    Is there any async processing in your filter function?
  17. So you're saying the 'app' and 'com' folders exist at the same level? And you're not using the 'app' folder for your source? I think that your defined 'namespaces' are supposed to be those that...
  18. This might help:
  19. If you declare your store in the stores array in your controller:

    stores : ['StoreName']

    When the controller is initialized Ext will create and save an instance of the 'StoreName' if it...
  20. storeName1 and storeName2 reference the exact same store instance. 'storeName' is a 'key' reference to a store instance in the store manager. Like a HashMap in Java.
  21. Why not just disable the column menu altogether?

    on column config:

    menuDisabled : true

    The can sort by just selecting the column header.
  22. Is the structure you listed a typo? ' app' and '-com' isn't correct.
    You define this in your app: appFolder: 'com',

    so the structure should be (ie. no 'app' folder level):

    - altas
  23. If your app only uses one instance of a store you can access it from any controller with:

    or within a controller:


    Declaring the...
  24. I just tested the 'register form' in the kitchen sink in IE 10 and tabbing does take you to the address bar when it runs out of items to tab to. I don't know if this is normal processing, instead of...
  25. I figured it out:!/api/

    Just needed to set the Proxy's writer.clientId to some arbitrary name and this...
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