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  1. checkView: function (view) {
    var me = this,
    handles= me.handles,
    ref, selector, control;

    for (ref in handles) {
    selector = handles[ref][0]; //a selector, like...
  2. Ext,decode will not transform that into actual methods references.
  3. Hmm... surprisingly you are right. I was adding all that uglyness because in some context applyers were not called.... how so ever I checked now again and things are happening actually....I have to...
  4. I figured out that the initCOnfig is not called.
    How so ever there is a problem in offering the correct config.

    At the construction time you have a this.config that is classify, as in it being a...
  5. Well... this is a BIG minus for Ext.
  6. A simple test case:
  7. :)
  8. He he :D
    Thanks =NR=, you 're cool ;)

  9. In child components you could fire events that you can catch later on parent containers, this way you can keep them independent.

    I had a great teacher, I am self taught :D
    Mainly I have read...
  10. You should not need the item index in component and ... you should not make a component dependent of its parents normally. It's some how against the intention of mvc. How so ever you can use up() to...
  11. This would be some approach:

    Ext.define('BlueButton', {
  12. Show us the code, to see how you did it.
  13. applyItemTpl:function(newTpl, oldTpl){
    var tpl = Ext.XTemplate.from(newTpl);
    return this.callParent( [tpl, oldTpl] );
  14. Replies
    don't specify a layout, specify fullscreen:true maybe
  15. You could do some dirty stuff like tipsy, and store the original text in some native or custom attribute, like title or original-title, and display the full text or the ellipsis one on your will.
  16. well, this is the problem:
    itemTpl : Ext.XTemplate.from('recent_activity_list_template')
    the dom is not there at the define time.

    you may try delay it with:

  17. Well, probably the best solution would be:

    items: [
    title:'Some title',
    xtype: 'settingsList'
  18. I don't get it if in the case of a simple application you get the same error or not.
  19. I don't see anything wrong.

    If you create a new test application things are the same with it on build?
    I would check that to see if it is a framework issue or a thing that your code brought in.
  20. Form fields should also have a fieldset container ;)

    Did you corectly specified the path to apple style in app.json?
  21. I think it is a small bug. Theoretically it should've work just fine as you did it because in the sources, the navbar title is taken like this:

    title = (item.getTitle) ? item.getTitle() :...
  22. and app.js?
  23. You must be doing something wrong.
    Start with a simple similar schema.
  24. What s in Favourites.js?
  25. Try:

    items: [
    title:'Some title',
    items: [
    xtype: 'settingsList'
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