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  1. What version of Touch are you using? I would try a more recent version of Cordova.
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    Here's the workaround:
  3. @Snorkler thanks for sharing your workaround.
  4. You would have to create a custom component to do this. I would check Sencha Market or the Sencha Touch 2.x: Examples and Showcases forum to see if one already exists.
    I've seen something like this...
  5. You can use the method to iterate over all stores. Your method should call removeAll on each store to remove the local data and sync to clear server/localstorage.
  6. You should downgrade to Cmd There are issues with building with Cmd5 and Sencha Touch.
    After installing Cmd you should be able to downgrade your application by running the...
  7. Thanks for the update and sharing your solution.
  8. Maybe you need a api key for your server.
  9. The itemtap has a target parameter you can use to determine which component was tapped.
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    As long as you require as first item of your requires arrayin app.js its should be global and available to all components.
  11. Thanks for the report! I have opened a bug in our bug tracker.
  12. There's seems to be an issue downgrading using Sencha Cmd.
    Here's the link to download Cmd
  13. In Cmd, YUI provides some level code obfuscation during compression of the production build.
    YUI obfuscates local variables by using the smallest possible variable name. Though you can still see...
  14. I should not have tried to be so specific. Try "#detail1 #testButton". The current Cordova version is 3.5.0. Have you tried a more recent version.
  15. Sencha Touch applications are not native applications. They use HTML5 and CSS3. Check out the Sencha Touch products page. There is also info on features and supported platforms as well as...
  16. The warning is because you did not define a model on your store. If you threw in a default value it should go away.
  17. What are you using to create your chart? renderTo is a Sencha Touch config and will only work with Touch components. How you render to a div may be different for the charting package you are using.
  18. Thanks for the report. From the url you provided the user reported that this occurs when he had breakpoints in his code. Is this the condition under which you are experiencing this issue?
  19. If you can render your chart to a div. You could create a div with an id via the html config and render your chart to that div. Here's an example.
  20. Try resolving the conditional outside of the call to setTpl.
  21. You are still using a ref, 'detail', in your control config. Use selectors only

    "#detail1 > #testButton": {
    tap: 'findFailedTests'

    Have you required your controller in your app.js?...
  22. I'm a little confused here as to what the exact path is to the sdk folder.
    Try navigating to the root of the sdk folder and run the following command.

    sencha generate app MyApp ../myapp

  23. What debugging have you done? Try setting a debugger statement in your SecondTabShowed function and verify that your hub var is what you expect it to be.
  24. Rather than use refs config put the selector for your button into the control config.
  25. Thanks for clarifying. OK so you would like more descriptive compass errors without having to use -debug flag? I can enter a feature request for this if you like.
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