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  2. I hope this isn't considered Thread-Hijacking.
    Can I add getSelection() to Ext 2.1?
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    That works for me and Sparky!

    I really hope that that override can go into the next version of Ext.
  4. Thanks Animal.

    I've since deleted that post since I was mistaken.
    I thought hideTrigger would work the same as hideParent, but alas no.
    Do you know how I can hide the trigger of a combobox?...
  5. -deleted- (was wrong)
  6. it helped me!
    why on Earth is it false by default?!

    EDIT: no it didn't help me as I want to be able to toggle it dynamically.
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    brilliant, thanks.
  8. add a click handler that returns false?
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    perhaps, but I wasn't convinced that no-one else had had this requirement previously.
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    shameful bump
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    I have a Form with TextFields which I wish to hide, but the fieldLabel remains visible.

    frmEnquiryEdit = new Ext.form.FormPanel({
    id: 'frmEnquiryEdit',
    items: [
    { xtype:...
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    that might be what I have to do (though in PHP), but as you guessed, I would like a more Ext-y solution.
  13. So I guess you will have to make it readonly and add a class to make it appear disabled.
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    I have been asked to create a system in which there are view and edit modes for objects (such as clients / jobs / etc).

    Rather than create a separate page for each view for each object type I...
  15. Sorry, I meant the code generated by Ext - some things in Ext aren't what they appear.
    What's the actual HTML in the DOM?
  16. true, but any suggestions on how to persuade it otherwise?
    is it an actual disabled text input, or a styled text area or something?
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    Has anyone seen form element rendering issues like the attached before?

    The red circle shows the triggerfield button misaligned (down by 1 pixel) in IE only.
    The blue circle shows a button where...
  18. ah well, sorry if I got your hopes up.
  19. thanks.
    I thought the docs would be updated with the new release.
  20. Hi,
    you appear to have a similar issue to mine.
    I haven't had a chance to look at your in detail but may prove relevant.
  21. Hi Condor, I'm surprised, but that has indeed fixed it, Thanks!

    re ps: indicates that it does, I'm a little confused by that.
  22. bump.
    (why are the bugs related to older Ext versions being looked at, but not this?)
  23. 28. Disable editing of particular rows
    I think that Option 1 is wrong (outdated?) as it attempts to put isCellEditable in the grid, rather than the ColumnModel.
  24. I have created drop-in example code to demonstrate.

    Add the contents of the attachment to the examples folder and navigate to .../ext/examples/custom-renderer-issue/hello.html

    Click the button...
  25. well it's fixed.
    wish I knew why.
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