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  1. Turns out this is a layout issue. Field MUST be wrapped in container component which handles field layout properly. Complex fields like Time, Date, etc. depend heavly on.
  2. I am having render difficulties while extending DatePicker component.
    I would like to add "timefield" bellow days table.
    Problem is that timefield renderes with default width, ignoring my settings....
  3. Hello Gary,

    No, not like this.
    Try this fiddle to reproduce:

    What happenes:
    1. when you enter cell editor, it gets focus as expected, but as soon as you...
  4. For simplicity and usability issues I decided to put editable grid (small two column, max 3 rows) into a menu container.
    Everything apears to be ok except mouse movement seems to take focus away....
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    My end solution was without using extra dataview's inside rowexpander. I found a way to do it with simple templates and all is well - so far :)
    Thanks. Didn't know about rowwrap before. As it is...
  6. Maybe something changed in versions. Wouldn't know.
    Is it working now?
  7. what is your store and grid config?
  8. This is most likely your css error. Try using "background-repeat: none;" on your icon style.
  9. Be sure to have correct root element, field names and dataIndex.
    It is preaty standard stuff, so it is most likely a silly thing like this.
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    I am trying to setup some "lightweight" tabular data inside rowexpander body.
    Using template and overwrite would be lightest I guess, but I do need some mouseover control. I guess next most...
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    Hi Martin,

    Sorry, I will try to explain again.
    I have one XTemplate that I want to use on a two different places (containers).
    Basicly these two containers show the same data, but I would like...
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    I would like to use one XTemplate in multiple components with minor difference - how could I determine in which component template runs? if (component1) then show this, else show that.
  13. Yeah, I figured it out.
    What I am trying to do is to render form into a custom html wrapper.
    Is there any easy way to define custom component wrapper in component config?
    I read about renderTpl,...
  14. Extjs 4.2.1.

    I have a closable tab panel with west center and east regions.
    In "afterrender" event of an east region container I create a new form component and render it to the html fragment...
  15. I think this might be browser issue.
    I was trying to prepare a simple case and I hit something I think it could be bug in Chrome (Windows).

    <body style="overflow:hidden;">
  16. Plain grid with remote autoLoad store.
    1. Loading mask automaticaly shown with default loading message "Loading...".
    2. When store loads records:
    - loading message is hidden: display:none
  17. Extjs 4.2.1 - this could be related to mask not adjusting itself when browser is resized:
    Example: Basic grid with remote data using autoLoad... LoadMask appears and dissapires as expected - at this...
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    Sorry, maybe I was a bit unclear. It is most likely not a leak in extjs, but in the app it self. So my question is how do you usually search for this? Stripping everything out and slowly putting it...
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    I have "tabbed" interface and just recently I've noticed that opening/closing new tab leaves me 2 orphans somewhere. Checking with alert(Ext.ComponentMgr.all.length) I get 2 components being left...
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    I have already implemented it like this, but didnt like "look&feel" that much (felt better on a paper) so I abandoned it - for now
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    I would like to render combox box inside tab button.
    Would like to have something similar to: Title [combo]

    How would I do this?
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    Yes, I understand this part, but it is not really working this way my case at least.
    Radio button getValue() method returns checked/unchecked, therefore it does not have getGroupValue...
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    i have searched the forum for updateRecord method issues, but I somehow can't relate it to my problem. Maybe I don't see a bigger picture, or I am using it wrong, although:

    I have a form...
  24. I have fixed it.
    My loader function was not working properly. I have modifed it and now it fires callback as expected.
    This is a new loader function:

    var _loader = new function() {
  25. Ok, I think I understand where my problem is. Callback is actualy fired when "script" object is created (available), which it is... just my object within this script is not yet available.

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