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    Would it be possible for Sencha to use a trial model where it decrements the days remaining based on usage. I downloaded the newer version with the intent to test - but just got around to opening it...
  2. I did not, I reworked my design and stacked them vertically. However, I am working on a multiple column 'picker' that will take one or more stores/data sets to get the multiple choice options on one...
  3. I'm kind of stuck - anyone have any suggestions on the best way to layout multiple form fields on the same horizontal line, something like:

    line1: [label] [textfield]
    line2: [label] [textfield]...
  4. I'm trying to add multiple form fields on the same line using hbox layout, but the styling is not what I expect. What is happening is the items in the hbox are getting the 'first-child' class added,...
  5. I have a MVC setup and I have field validation in the model (modeled after I then prompt the user with an error...
  6. After upgrading to PhoneGap, my iOS app stopped responding to orientation changes. After a couple of hours googling and banging my head - I finally figured out what the issue was - turns out...
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    Thanks so much for the reply tonin10. I did figure it out, the biggest issue I was having was scope and how to use insert/add/remove/setActiveItem. The biggest issue I had was understanding that I...
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    I'm new but love Sencha Touch...

    I've created a Viewport/TabPanel with the tabBar docked at the bottom. What I would like to do is show/hide tabBar icons depending on which tab I'm on. For...
  9. Did you ever get it figured out? I'm new too, I'm needing to hide/show tab buttons depending on the current card. Not sure how to do this.
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