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  1. Sorry but the rows are still undetectable.
  2. Hi ,

    I am in need for a workaround for this issue.

  3. I have to support IE8, that requires me to add shim to floating panels on my application.I have set the Ext.useShim = true on the application init method.I am using an effet to slid the panel in on a...
  4. Here is my view:

    Ext.define('NG.view.order.Header', { extend: 'Ext.form.Panel',
    alias: 'widget.orderheader',
    scroll: 'vertical',
    layout: 'column',
    defaults: {
  5. Extjs 4.2 buffered store throws Uncaught NotFoundError: An attempt was made to reference a Node in a context where it does not exist. on chrome

    Ext.define('', {
  6. I want it to apply all menus and not just menus that were past a ui config.
  7. I would like to create a gradient background color using sencha cmd
    here is what I have tried :

    @include background-image(linear-gradient(#47607E, #35475B));

    I have...
  8. Could it be that there is no definition for menu active item text color?????
    If there is it is not intuative.
    If there isnt, how can I define in my package using Sencha cmd?
  9. I would like to add a frame to my menu so I could use border radius, but I do not want to derive the frame background color from the definition of my panels.
    As I see it now the frame can only be...
  10. I didn't expect that background color will be it... border sound more fitting...
  11. I am using Sencha CMD to build up my theme package.

    I want that my framed panels will have border-radius of 8 pixels and that they will be white.
    Here is what I have done:

  12. I have an autoScroll true but I think there is something else that prevents it from showing. I have extended the portal example and changed the portal panel from being a column layout to hbox layout,...
  13. I have an hbox layout container that holds 2 panels, when the panels exceeds the height of the container there is no vertical scrollbar.
    I want the scroll bar to appear on the parent hbox panel and...
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    can you please provide a link to that post, can it be adopted to version 4.2.1?
  15. I am trying to extend the portal example from the Extjs example and have the columns resize.

    I am facing some issues with the solution.

    1) how can I limit the portal column re-size so it will...
  16. I have an application that offers a portal like ux.
    the elements hierarchy is as follows:
    viewport(layout:fit) > dashboard(layout:hbox) > columns(layout:vbox) > widgets
    each widget within the...
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    When is ExtJS 4.2 expected to be released?
  18. Replies
    V 4.1 is here for quite a while now...
  19. Here is how I worked around it.

    The problem was that all browsers automatically decode the & quot; signs.

    So I have fixed the Ext doFormUpload function to look like this:

  20. I have been breaking my head on this one.

    this is my JSON as returned my server after a fileUpload form has successfully submitted it:

    success: true,
  21. Unfortunately, the current preview release do not still have features related to RTL. Their VP also mentioned the possibility of moving the RTL support to version 4.1 in one of his comment on Sencha...
  22. Hi, I am using ExtJS v 3.3. this is my grid:

    var grid=new Ext.grid.GridPanel({title:'',store: store,
  23. ok , I have a vtype for english and sign only that looks like this:

    Ext.apply(Ext.form.VTypes, {
    excel: function (v) {
    return /^.*.(xls)$/.test(v);
    excelText: 'Must be an *.xls file',...
  24. I would like to use your framework but can't.
    Rtl is absolutely necessary for me since the client only talks Arabic!
    thanks in advance.
  25. Hello,
    I am trying to use the "add" method on my panel. all is great in IE but when on FF 3.00 I get this blue line after the HTML tag is rendered. Here is my code:...
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